Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Diary.

The other day I got to go visit my friend Krista in her new beautiful home. It was *so* cool. When I got to Aurora she picked me up at the train station and took me straight to Needles & Knits. I fell in love with this book AND Tova the shop owner. While K and I were hanging out drooling on books Tova helped finish someone's baby blanket and gave yarn to a worthy knitting soul. She is a gently pusher - something I appreciate greatly.

You know sometimes when you go visit a new friend in their home you can never be too sure how it's going to work out on their turf. Sometimes they can be uber tidy or uber grodie. Maybe they are too protective of their offspring so you don't get to toss them around like the sacks of potatoes they are.

Krista and Chris weren't like that. George and I shared my dinner and it was even more delicious than if I'd hoarded it all to myself which, I admit, was tempting. Come on! Even the biggest baby hater couldn't resist those cheeks.

Krista and Chris even let me force the most brilliant and talented Aidan into hard labour on my secret project. He slaved for at least 45 minutes on the project helping me with the coordination and design. He tried to break from the bonds of endentured slavery by counting in Japanese. I love this picture because he looks like a superhero in it. I believe he may be.

Chris was the superhero and put the ninos to bed while Krista and I proceeded to imbibe waaaaaaaay too much wine and "faux" knit. You know...the kind of knitting you do after you've drunk too much wine...

I love getting a glimpse into the window of other couples' lives. Outsiders can never know the true life of a relationship but it's so amazing to be a part of another family if only for a brief moment. It's a luxury that living in Toronto doesn't often afford. I felt flattered and lucky to be invited in for so long.

And a little bit hung over.


Carol said...

Faux knitting....gotta remember that one! It's soooo descriptive!

krista said...

Some people are overprotective to the point of not letting you toss them around like the sacks of potatoes they are? That's crazy!

You can toss my kids around any time you like.

Glad you didn't mind George shoving his pudgy hand into your plate of rice.


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