Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back Pedalling

Disclaimer: I didn't have access to a pooter or the interweb yesterday so I wrote this post and will be back posting it. Yes, I'm cheating and yes you love me for the cheating whore I am.

J and I went to see my sister this weekend. She recently moved to Brockville to take a job promotion. Charlotte is 15 months younger than me and I spend a lot of time worrying about her for no good reason. I am unashamed of my over-protectiveness and will fucking cut you if you say anything bad about her.

Charlotte took us on a tour of her world - that of science and engineering. J and I didn't quite fit in but we had a ton of fun goofing around.

It's always wild and exciting to see a friend or family member in a professional capacity. It is a side of folks in our lives that we almost never see and yet assume to understand. Where we work with cubicle walls and computers, she works with enormous industrial machines that are called things like chompers, grinders, conveyors and (to my delight) expellers. You don't want to know what gets made in these machines.

She is the first woman in the position of project coordinator at this plant and as such, is spectacular.
There aren't that many people that look this great wearing daddypants. I just hope that she doesn't get judged for her older sisters' behaviour while we were on site. I thought hairnets were for heads after all.

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Liz said...

She really is a super star!