Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This just in: The new iPod Nanimette syncs to the weather

So here in Toronto we're experiencing some spectacularly grey and dismal weather. Think Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang. Dreary, wet, dark and cold.

Generally, I don't mind the craptastic wet days but would prefer to spend them in a civil way - curled up in my duvet with a hot toddy and some sweater knitting. It's in this way that my job really gets in my way. If it wasn't for the enormous amounts of money! power! and influence! I'd be off like a whore's dress on prom night.

I had an early morning meeting this morning and as I was hurling myself out the door (late)the snitty rain and sulky wind the world seemed cruel and full of foreboding. The weather isn't even dramatic enought to be raging or tempestuous it's more just whiny.

My iPod demonstrated it's new capability to harness the mood and ambience of the weather and shuffle in only songs that would have been spectacular...if I was with knitting, toddy and duvet. As if to taunt me the Love Button (pet name) proceeded to throw these taunts at me: Reading in Bed - Emily Haines, He Brings Out The Whiskey In Me - Amy Millan, Hay on Fire - Ladybug, The Greatest, Cat Power.

Has this happened to anybody else? It's an eerily perfect software capability...


Jill said...

Yep - it happens to me too. When I'm cranky some form of heavy metal punk stuff spews out from my iPod, when I'm down, I get the sad country type music and when I'm spazztastic, I get some old school hip hop. It's very strange and freaks me out.

maggieBB said...

here's a rainy day story for you: i spent the night at a friend's house and was not prepared for rainy day. so i walked 30 minutes in the morning downpour with a much-to-big-for-me raincoat draped over my napsacked self . this raincoat had a hood, but a good chunk of my hair worked it's way into my face so was soaked and plastered to my glasses. and somehow i poured some pooling rainwater from the coat to my pant leg and my jeans were SOAKED.

so once you have that image well in place in your mind's eye, here's the scene:

as usual, i'm 5 minutes late for class.... and when I walk in (in the front of the room... who designed these lecture halls?!?!), the whole room stops what it's doing and stares at me. For like 2 seconds.

before breaking into much laughter.

my prof says over the 80 laughing vet students: "The phrase "drowned rat" is coming to mind.."


i need to stop being late for class...

(I've been told it wasn't so much that i was pathetic looking that they laughed, but rather it was the look on my face that did them all in... )

Teena said...

It was a crappy day here today, wasn't it? We wait almost an hour for a streetcar :(

aviva said...

I just read your blog from late September and the last sentence made me cry. I love you. Let's see each other soon. 5 minutes during the mayhem of last Saturday night hardly counts.