Thursday, October 05, 2006

See vous play me like a drum

So I was at the FREE See Vous Play concert at Kool Haus on Sunday.

The night started out with an extreme sense of deja vu with Les Breastfeeders. It was like I was transported to a Bif Naked (before she went scrawny) show in 1995 at Foufounes Electrique (before it closed for the second time) in Montreal.

My hair was dancing on my scalp it was so loud - that kind of dancing is contagious. I just wanted to go all night.

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton was next on the list. She's a beautiful songwriter so sad and unabashedly emotional it gave me the shivers. It only got better when I moved away from the girls that were talking loudly about how it was the music to kill yourself to. Nice.

When Les Trois Accords took the stage it was just after 11:00 pm and I knew that if I didn't get to bed before midnight my week would be the very definition of stinky ass - we rocked a little longer and left before Joel Plaskett and the Emergency took the stage. My cohorts and I had all see Joel in his homeland of Halifax so we weren't too disappointed to miss him though all reports point to amazing performance...

What a great night. Free concerts are amazing but when they are free CanCon concerts they reach divinity...such a great vibe and this event was full of my people - CBC nerds who love Canadian Indie music. Love. It.

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