Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm riding my own personal DiLorean...back to the past

I'm retaking Grade 12 Biology and it starts on Thursday.

I'm terrified that I'm not going to find my classroom and that the other kids are going to hate me.

Exactly the way I felt when I was 13.



Wryly said...

Well - if you took Grade 12 biology when you were 13 I can see why they hated you.

good luck!

Yvette said...

I took grade 11 biology by correspondence a few years back for a job. What I found the most remarkable about the whole experience was how easy it was to do the work because I had chosen to learn it. In Highschool, science seemed so scary!

loulou said...

Dude- I just had a stats test tonight- it amazes me that math is as stressful at age 33 as it was at age 14.... i'm breaking out over it!

ManBoy said...

I hear the seniors flush the heads of the new kids, and then lock them and their sopping wet head in their own locker.

Hey do you get locker? And if so can I get you a poster of Eric Estrada with his shirt off for it? Or maybe the topless poster of Tiffany (the 80's signer, not my late cat)

Anonymous said...

I'll break the knees of any self-hating kid who picks on my sista!
Jason, you make me laugh to the disgust of all the way to serious grad kids.

Wannietta said...

I apologize if I missed a key plot post but WHY!?!