Monday, September 18, 2006

Tofu scrambled eggs and chillaxin' in the park

This past weekend was a dream. It might have been because I took Friday off thus ensuring rest and relaxation but it was cheaper than the Ativan might have been.

Jill and I had a long and chatty brunch at Fressen. We had to catch up since we hadn't really seen each other since she embarked on the adventures known as cohabitation. I was happy to hear that she was both still knitting and still getting sweet sweet loving. Sometimes cohabitation messes with the effective practise of both.

Then it was off to the Queen West Art Crawl where one of my oldest friends and inspirations Tania had a booth. A superbly located booth. She had an amazingly successful weekend. I often get the impression that these events can be soul sucking experiences for the artists. So much talent to see that it's hard for the pedestrian not to get inundated.

Tania is a consummate artist and works like a motherfucker to get her shit going on.

Max was there giving all he had for the good of the TeeBot. What a doll face eh? It's hypnotic - I swear I popped 3 eggs just taking this picture.

Good times.


denny Mcmillan said...

So cute when their sleeping eh?
Like wee kittens.

Their good when awake too, put my little guy in dance class on the weekend. He LOVED it and they (Toronto Dance School) loved him too.
It's fun when you find something that rocks their world(other than lego or game fucking boy).
smell ya later chickie-poo.
A big ol' yo to our happy Jill out there.

aviva said...

Thanks for that picture darling. It's so lovely and peaceful. How come he's never like that when he's home, that's what I want to know...

Jill said...

I had a great time at brunch! We must get together on a regular basis from now on so that I can get my Jen advice fix!