Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Sure Fire Cure for the Malaise eh?

Nothing cures the malaise like heading up north where the air was as cold as the beer and the family convened in great numbers...

and the power went out immediately. We had started getting dinner ready for 18 people when Ernesto made himself known.. That's our survival instincts really kicked in gear. We enjoyed some naturally cold beer...mmmm natural. Dad made his famous grilled salmon with wild rice and oyster stuffing on the bbcue and we dined on fresh veg and grilled corn.

Dishes were a challenge but folks were kind enough to keep the dishwashers plied with beer (the popular home remedy for dealing with crank)

Denny and Joyce, I'd like to display the penultimate finished project of my year so you won't hear me whine about it's neverendingness again. Erin helped me climb the pathetic hump that was the sewing of the flannelette. I'm eternally greatful. Started: December 25th, 2005. Finished: August 30, 2006. With: Bernat Cottentots and flannelette. Pattern: Zoe Mellor.

Shockingly (or not at all), this blanket started to look better to me the second I had given it away. 9 months is a long time. Ask any mother.

I prefer this shot of the blanket any day. Blogosphere, meet my new beautiful nephew Luke Daniel Hendriks. How perfect is this child?!

Luke is the fourth child to join the already large and exuberant clan. My brother got a pair of large trekking xxl socks (he liked the XXL name, shockingly) to celebrate.

For Jessica, the powerhouse, magnificent mother that she is the well travelled dearly loved Pomatomus Socks. I made these out of 3 skeins of Opal Sportweight in Emerald.

My Manboy had the brilliant idea that we give the kids "congratulations" gifts as well - loads of fun when the power is out! Balloon animals - fun for children - certain death for new mothers who are exhausted. We will think these gifts through more completely in the future

Just in case you thought summer was just taking a union break. Some confirmation that the winter, she be coming.Just for the added bit of class I know my reader expects from the hole. I present to you - my patented truckers' ass and gut. Hot. The tank top reads: Vulvarific.



denny Mcmillan said...

Look at you with the power tool girl.
and the worker gloves too, what a pro,
Ready to start work with Austin Contracting.
( the hubby's company)
the blanky... almost as cute as the wee baby.

baby and blanket......priceless.

See ya on Wed. I'll be the "new employee"

Yup it's a done deal. lettuce denny

Erin said...

lettuce denny!?!?!?!


also, dude i want a vulvarific tanktop.

looking mighty fine hendriks.

mighty. fine.

i went psychotic on boytoy while at the same time my girlie parts went on strike. how convenient for knitting.

i propose some sort of winter-ish knitalong. am still arranging getting to TO in october. should be a go - could ask for a flight for my bday present. your thoughts?

also - is there context behind the jackhammer or were you just hammering for the hell of it?

le erin

Yvette said...

Welcome back baby. A wee retreat into the familiar works wonders, does it not?
You put me to shame. I was blogging proudly about a circular saw and you totally trumped me with the jackhammer!

krista said...

I love that picture of you, really, it's awesome.

You, the baby, the blanket, the socks, all a delight to see!

Rachel H said...

Here I was all set to comment on the absolute sexiness of you with the jackhammer, and Denny springs that one us. Whoa.

Great job on the blanket. You can already tell it will be well loved by the wee boy.

Craftygrrrl said...

That is a great photo of you...I think you should have that on your business cards!

I have a sneaking feeling that a jackhammer is an even more potent fertility/phallic symbol than the digereedoo...this may mean tripletts could be in your future....

See ya'll tonight...

denny Mcmillan said...

I know Rachel H. no sooner had I posted my news and the youngest came running upstairs, phone for you mom. It was our Jenn calling 2 secs. after I posted!

oh and Erin.......leaving the sheep was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had to leave.
Everone there is super nice, I wish I could be in two places at once.
and whats this about you comeing to T.O. next month.

Could we burn them ugly socks together, we could chant or do spells.

oh hi jenn

Lorraine said...

Well with all this crazy news from Denny, who can resist the pull of LK tonight? I'll see you there for sure. Jen, you're a power-tooling inspiration.

denny Mcmillan said...

heee heee lorraine is comeing to SnB


now watch me sell her some yarn tonight.

Ekta Verma said...

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