Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So many stories

Thank you all for the kind kind words and for sharing so many stories with me. I feel honored to be among you.

In true Jen form I say "Fuck that Shit!" let's move on. One of the many delightful emails I found waiting for me included this divine piece of truth. The Harlot just posted it so I'm sure 99.9% of you have seen it by now.

This is how I knit on Friday night, and at Christmas, and in staff meetings, right before my streetcar stop....etc

Speaking of streetcar stops, I picked up this month's Spacing magazine and lo and behold my three chins are featured prominently! Actually I love the look of the streetcar picture - with the dribble marks on the window and my posse o' knitters beside me. We actually chatted (re: terrorized) a gaggle of teens from my hood (Regent park) for quite awhile during that photoshoot. I love terrorizing me some teens.

If you're not so interested in the Knit Along Gange but you love Toronto you need to pick this magazine up. Right. Now.


Sophia said...

We are darn gorgeous in all our chinly glory!

And it's a fabulous issue in its own right, what with all the election issue discussion and councillors' report cards, etc.

*And*...if you check the masthead on the 2nd-last page, you'll see that my one-chin brother is the new ad director (read: volunteer working his tail off during his lunch break).

TheAmpuT said...

is the knitter on the right givin' me the bird?

Not An Artist said...

Wait, is she flipping us off? Now I really do have to go out and pick up an issue...

Spooky_Knitter said...

I'm the knitter on the right... and I'm detangling yarn or something but it definitely looks like I was giving the photographer the finger. Plus, I've got grandma-chin going on in that photo. Sheesh. :-/

krista said...

That video is crazy. CRAZY. I don't read the harlot everyday, so I hadn't seen the video. Thanks for that.