Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Random Ten - The Horn Tootage Edition

My hole is featured in the Blogerati Files on BlogTO. I can't wait to tell my Mom - she'll be so proud.

It's a long awaited Friday Random Ten. In the spirit of Toronto and the joy it brings - go to the Knit Cafe's Knitathon tomorrow night, play with Nuit Blanche, go see some live comedy at the Bad Dog Theatre tonight or some jazz at the historic Rex - enjoy the place you're in.

I'll be enjoying the end of a craptastic week tempered by retail spinning therapy and massive blogular support. You people rock my world yo.

1. Hotrocks - Cornershop featuring Rowetta
2. Madhur Hast akam - Meenakshi - Prayers
3. Do What Gotta Do - Bing Ji Ling
4. Skanky Panky - Kid Koala
5. Second Son #2 - Elliot Brood
6. Key of C - Jim Noir
7. Blue in Yr Eye - Amy Millan
8. New Drug Queens - The Pink Mountaintops
9. Traffic - Chad VanGaalen
10. She Loves You - Bill Patton

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Momma got a new pair of shoes

So I took the leap tonight and bought myself a little somethin' somethin'

No it's not the bottle of wine - that's just for comparison...does this help? Look past the Penguin....can you guess what it is? Don't get distracted by the piping gams behind it...

I bought Mel's spinning wheel . I'd like to thank Michelle for the modelling...more gams.

In spite of my over indulgence in the Penguin I produced my first handspun...

and's that good.

This last pic is just because Michelle is a tough person to catch in megapixels and check out the crack behind her! Welcome to the inner city yo.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So many stories

Thank you all for the kind kind words and for sharing so many stories with me. I feel honored to be among you.

In true Jen form I say "Fuck that Shit!" let's move on. One of the many delightful emails I found waiting for me included this divine piece of truth. The Harlot just posted it so I'm sure 99.9% of you have seen it by now.

This is how I knit on Friday night, and at Christmas, and in staff meetings, right before my streetcar stop....etc

Speaking of streetcar stops, I picked up this month's Spacing magazine and lo and behold my three chins are featured prominently! Actually I love the look of the streetcar picture - with the dribble marks on the window and my posse o' knitters beside me. We actually chatted (re: terrorized) a gaggle of teens from my hood (Regent park) for quite awhile during that photoshoot. I love terrorizing me some teens.

If you're not so interested in the Knit Along Gange but you love Toronto you need to pick this magazine up. Right. Now.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Fates say NO to another Gemini.

I think I'm ready to write about my weekend now. It's not an invitation to a pity party - we had a great one on Friday night with lots and lots of wine. This post has been writing itself in my head since Sunday and I really just want to move on.

On Thursday night I had a dream that Hugh Laurie was my doctor ( I have a huge crush on Hugh the comedian not Hugh the House) and that we were drinking a beer while I bled. That the conversation was really awkward was what woke me up. I hate awkward conversation.

When I did wake up at 7:00am on Friday morning I was at the beginning of what would turn out to be a miscarriage. I was only almost 7 weeks along so my Logic knew that this could happen - in fact - this is why everyone gives you the impossible challenge of keeping the secret of being knocked up. Thank the wool producing mammals of the world that it was so early.

It really sucks ass there is no question but it was surprising that it didn't suck more ass. Maybe it was because almost every woman I know has either had a/or some miscarriage/s or have close friends who have had one (or more). That all of these women have gaggles and gaggles of children now is a relief.

So, I knit, we watched Robot Chicken, we laughed at our nerdiness, I knit some more, we found stuff to laugh at. Jason rocks my world. I swear if we couldn't make each other laugh so hard I don't know how we would move on. There didn't seem to be any in between emotions this weekend.

A few things I've learned:

a) It's impossible for me to keep secrets. I AM A HUMAN MICROPHONE. I believe that secrets give you cancer - but that's a neurosis for another day. Blabbing - It's what I do. So to get around the fact that I come from a family of MICROPHONES I told a couple of independent friend cells. Those close friends who don't have contact with each other or my family.

If you are family or friends only finding out about this through the blog - I'm sorry.

b) Almost every single woman I've told has had as story about their miscarriage or a daughter/mother/best friend's story. I have a spectacular resource in my own family who helped me more than she knew the day after. It makes me wonder how much less self blaming our collective mental health would endure if we knew that it is not as rare as we think to miscarry early in the first trimester.

Those self judgy feelings of failure, isolation and self blame were mostly avoided because I blabbered on to my ladies (Moms, sisters, friends and family). Thank god because I'm sad enough without feeling 100% responsible in my own mind.

Fuck that shit - life is too short to go it alone.

c) Knitting is good. Very good. It's good when you feel great and great when you feel like ass - it clocks time, it meditates you through pain, it proves that the neverending minutes must have passed because you're at the end of a row with 299 stitches.

d) The source of peace of mind and clarity can be found by pressing my forehead (where the constant whirring of my thoughts can be heard) gently against Jason's cool soft cheek. That's where his inner peace is and he shares.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Camels everwhere shed a single tear

Manboy: There is a co-worker here today with the worst camel toe... very gross.

Me: Gross. That's my worst nightmare

Manboy: Drunken Flamer turned even more gay

Me: Did he squeal?

Manboy: She kept walking back and forth serving food at a baby shower for another co-worker. as soon as we were back in the office we all started clucking like chickens about how gross it was.

My Boss felt left out and went over to her area to see. Against my suggestion.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Viva la Revolucion!

Last night I dreamt that I was enjoying some delicious black bean spread on pita at Fressen. It was really dimly lit and there was some weird suspenseful ambient music playing. I was dying for their whole wheat udon tofu veggie concoction with wasabi sauce (more likely found at Fresh) - the chef comes out and asks me to come with him.

It turns out that the Vegans are planning a revolution and the wasabi udon was the code dish for the vegan spies to get in on the action.

I was too afraid of them to admit I had deeply enjoyed some extremely spicy italian sausage with couscous for dinner that very night. Tofu has never seemed so ominous to me before

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tofu scrambled eggs and chillaxin' in the park

This past weekend was a dream. It might have been because I took Friday off thus ensuring rest and relaxation but it was cheaper than the Ativan might have been.

Jill and I had a long and chatty brunch at Fressen. We had to catch up since we hadn't really seen each other since she embarked on the adventures known as cohabitation. I was happy to hear that she was both still knitting and still getting sweet sweet loving. Sometimes cohabitation messes with the effective practise of both.

Then it was off to the Queen West Art Crawl where one of my oldest friends and inspirations Tania had a booth. A superbly located booth. She had an amazingly successful weekend. I often get the impression that these events can be soul sucking experiences for the artists. So much talent to see that it's hard for the pedestrian not to get inundated.

Tania is a consummate artist and works like a motherfucker to get her shit going on.

Max was there giving all he had for the good of the TeeBot. What a doll face eh? It's hypnotic - I swear I popped 3 eggs just taking this picture.

Good times.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New highs for office etiquette everywhere

My cubicle neighbour is clipping his finger(I hope) nails. Not only that I think he is using a megaphone to transmit the clipping noise.


Comic courtesy of Toothpaste for Dinner

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Sure Fire Cure for the Malaise eh?

Nothing cures the malaise like heading up north where the air was as cold as the beer and the family convened in great numbers...

and the power went out immediately. We had started getting dinner ready for 18 people when Ernesto made himself known.. That's our survival instincts really kicked in gear. We enjoyed some naturally cold beer...mmmm natural. Dad made his famous grilled salmon with wild rice and oyster stuffing on the bbcue and we dined on fresh veg and grilled corn.

Dishes were a challenge but folks were kind enough to keep the dishwashers plied with beer (the popular home remedy for dealing with crank)

Denny and Joyce, I'd like to display the penultimate finished project of my year so you won't hear me whine about it's neverendingness again. Erin helped me climb the pathetic hump that was the sewing of the flannelette. I'm eternally greatful. Started: December 25th, 2005. Finished: August 30, 2006. With: Bernat Cottentots and flannelette. Pattern: Zoe Mellor.

Shockingly (or not at all), this blanket started to look better to me the second I had given it away. 9 months is a long time. Ask any mother.

I prefer this shot of the blanket any day. Blogosphere, meet my new beautiful nephew Luke Daniel Hendriks. How perfect is this child?!

Luke is the fourth child to join the already large and exuberant clan. My brother got a pair of large trekking xxl socks (he liked the XXL name, shockingly) to celebrate.

For Jessica, the powerhouse, magnificent mother that she is the well travelled dearly loved Pomatomus Socks. I made these out of 3 skeins of Opal Sportweight in Emerald.

My Manboy had the brilliant idea that we give the kids "congratulations" gifts as well - loads of fun when the power is out! Balloon animals - fun for children - certain death for new mothers who are exhausted. We will think these gifts through more completely in the future

Just in case you thought summer was just taking a union break. Some confirmation that the winter, she be coming.Just for the added bit of class I know my reader expects from the hole. I present to you - my patented truckers' ass and gut. Hot. The tank top reads: Vulvarific.