Friday, August 25, 2006

Shameless Plug Edition

Come to the Bad Dog Theatre on Monday, Aug 28th at 8:00pm. See the Moodkillers, Jesus and Man Eating Children make funny! FOR 4 EASY PAYMENTS OF $1.99. I'll be there! In the audience! There will be exclamation points!! POPCORN!

I want the knitters to represent yo! The nerdy comedians think I've made you guys up. Email me ( and we'll make a date!

1. Nothing to Lose - Isabella Antenna
2. Your Idea of a Holiday - Bedroom Walls
3. European Oils - Destroyer
4. Not Just Words - Black Heart Procession
5. Love - Seekonk
6. Supersexy '67 - Coltrane Motion
7. Robbed - Hayden
8. Retour a Vega - The Stills
9. Turn this Factory Down - Dune
10. In Anticipation Of Your Suicide - Bedroom Walls (Erin - this song is coming your way...SO EMO)


Sophia said...

You *know* I'll be there - but then t is a Moodkiller, so it's kinda like a command appearance, really. :) And d'you really think they don't believe you re: knitters? I think they know only too well what chaos you're capable of unleashing on the knitter-mustering front.

loulou said...

Does it start right at 8? I have run club at 6:30, but would love to come after.... may not make it right for 8...

Maria said...

I really can't make it, but good luck. I'm sure Sophia will be a good representative of the knitters!

Erin said...

are you suggesting i'm emo or something??

Rachel H said...

I do so wish I could come tonight and freak out the comedians, but it doesn't look like I can make it happen and be a good Mommy at the same time. Small boy had a wee melt down this morning about my whole having to go to work thing. Sorry sweetie.

Lorraine said...

Have fun tonight!! Sorry I can't make it.

I'm off to knit on the TTC. I will try to snuggle up to old men and see if I can provoke more fear. Good gracious what are we coming to.

In other thoughts, what's going on with Denny's blog by the way? Hi Denny. L:

denny Mcmillan said...

denny's blog is fucked up, cause denny can't get her fat lazy ass downtown for puter lessons.....but stay tuned you never know.