Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Postcards from the edge

A new level of over reach was achieved by yours truly last week. I found myself lying on the floor behind the front desk of the Yoga Sanctuary at 6:30 pm sleeping. It was only at that point that I gave up the fight to leave for the Ottawa Valley after my shift and convinced the Manboy that we should leave on Saturday morning.

Truly a spectacular weekend. Nothing like true north strong and free thunderstorm to clear the air so that all of the wine can re-foggify it.

I'd like to present Scribbly! And Debbie! The great Denny taught me how to "swing" knit one night and introduced me to scribbling - the yarn, Peter Rabbit and Giotto Sex um I mean ribbon. The shawl was an easy knit and was finished somewhere along the Cabot Trail in June...

It was actually COOL at night in the Ottawa Valley over the weekend so I got a picture of Scribbly in his natural habitat. On J's Mom. Sounds dirtier than it was.

Delightful weekend of knitting and drinking with friends and family. It should happen more often.

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Sandi Purl said...

i love the bug spray right next to the glass of wine. perfect. looks just like my table would in the north.