Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pillow Talk

Jason: The chiropractor confirmed what I knew to be true lo all these years.

Me: Oh yeah Quasimodo? What's that?

Jason: I'm a tall person living in a short persons world.

Me: I always knew you were a freak.

Jason: I should be in the circus; HEY LOOK AT THE FREAK EVERYONE - THROW A PICKLE AT HIM!!!!

Me: Yeah cause everyone knows that tall freaks like to eat pickles...unlike midgets and elephant men who dig the rotting fruit.

I think we might be watching Freaks for our Thursday night movie date.


Rachel H said...

I like pickles. Can I throw something else instead?

Not An Artist said...

Ew, pickles.

denny Mcmillan said...

I think you guys should be on the newlywed game.

you could win a fridge

denny Mcmillan said...

snakesonaplane girlfriend

denny Mcmillan said... night the beaches ......drinkink before/after at murffys there or be.....snakesonaplane......denny

denny Mcmillan said...

murphy's law that is (bad bad bad speller)

Lorraine said...

I've lost the pickle plot but I'm glad to hear you won the battle with Bell (at least I assume you did and that Manboy has retired from your blog for now). Not that it wasn't fun to hear from him.

That Kitler site was too funny.

I'm off to spinning school till Aug 28. No more blogorating for a little while. Denny, some time soon after I'm back, we dye. I've got marigolds coming out my ears. With your lichen and my marigolds, who knows what trouble we could make! If you guys hear an explosion in Leslieville, you'll know why. L:

denny Mcmillan said...

had fun (motherfuckingfun) last night.....see ya tomorrow......we gots the lantern moon circs in 36.00$ a pair!!!!!!

smell ya later luv denny x0x

Jennifer said...

One of us! One of us! Gooble Gobble!