Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My paddle's clean and bright, flashing with silver...

Last weekend the ladies and I went on our first annual paddling event last weekend. Once upon a time a "paddling" event would have meant a completely different event to this crew of women . Ah, the times they are a changing.

Six women, one man and the Powerhouse toddler entered Frontenac Park on Saturday morning - four of us paddled/portaged the gear in and three aerobic mistresses hiked Powerhouse in to the camp site on Clear Lake.

It was hot on the lake but it was a "dry heat".

Dan and Danielle were the perfectly matched paddlers. Everytime I looked over at them I felt refreshed, I think Danielle may have been wearing the fashion equivalent of a gin and tonic.

It's amazing how refreshed we felt after the paddle and the hiking. We immediately cracked a beer, went swimming, had dinner and cracked more beer. The best use of science for camping equipment to date is the lightweight water filter (THANKS MARTHA AND MATT) and tetrapacks of wine.

The result of the tetrapacks was this display of celebrity mimicry. Carolyn sparked much debate - is the celebrity Jem or Eddie Van Halen? Ah, yes she's a rare breed of celebrity cameleon.

This was before we had the drum circle and after we synchronized our menstrual cycles with the moon.

Little Powerhouse and Sherry enjoyed a paddle around the bay on Sunday. It's so peaceful out there that Powerhouse passed out immediately. I loved coming back to paddling after years of cityfication it was a relief to realize that I could still canoe and portage with some degree of competence.

We were only out for one night and it was worth every second of coordination. The concept that this sort of event is too much work for just one night must be changed.

Dan had the dubious pleasure of being the only representative of man, was the perfect anthropologist. Unassuming and never projecting his own cultural values onto his subjects. You should watch for his titillating thesis on the discussion of local native camping traditions such as: gourmet food and coffee packing techniques and *detailed* discussions of sex/birth control a methodology of both.

We love Dan.

I tried to take a picture of how clear the water was. It didn't really turn out and I hadn't been planning to use it but I was looking at it this morning and remembering how refreshing the water was...


denny Mcmillan said...

dip dip and swing dip dip and swing

Martina said...

Sounds like heaven!

Rachel H said...

I'm going canoeing this weekend. And yes, the tetrapak wine is a good, good thing.

Samantha said...

That looks amazingly fun! :) It sounds like everyone involved had a good time. I cannot wait until August 14th when hubby, the kids and I are heading North for a 4 day canoe trip. :)

Not An Artist said...

Oooh, I'm not a camping fan but damn does that cool water ever look nice right now. We missed you at SnB tonight!