Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Making Friends and Influencing People or Vegetarians Beware

Last weekend among other things, my girlfriend Carolyn invited me to a pig roast at her sailing club. How could a self respecting meat lover and faux joo as Tamarah calls me, say no to a MOTHERFUCKING PIG ON A MOTHERFUCKING SPIT.

I put on best WASP persona and headed out the "yacht" club. So excited to be rubbing elbows with the Old Salts of the Toronto Harbour were we.

Carolyn was going to take us sailing but it started to rain and I am a sugar cube so instead we had to make our own fun on the shore with the leftovers from dinner.

I pretend to be a hunter/gatherer while Danielle posed for her annual Christmas Card picture. My sock was sad not to get into the action but I didn't think of it so caught up was I in the heat of the inappropriate moments.

When all was said and done we ate like medieval kings and queens on the shores of Lake Ontario. I think Carolyn got it right when she joined the sailing club - what a great place to spend the summer in Toronto.


Samantha said...

LMAO! I love the pig heads ... too funny! Sounds like it was a blast. :)

MademoiselleCaroline said...

You've definitely got the hunter-gatherer blood in your veins. You tell that pig who's boss!