Thursday, July 06, 2006

This just in!

Jason turned 31 today! Since he's feeling a little bit out of sorts about his birthday as demonstrated by the first email he sent me:

"It's also George W. Bush's birthday today... sigh"

I'd like to start by reminding Jason that the Dalai Lama's birthday is today as well. (Remember what I said about the balance of good and evil? The Dalai Lama is the Karmic Police to the Karmic Atrocity that is GW)

Some nice things about Jason:

He's been doing improv comedy in Toronto for close to 8 years and he's so good at it that he helps new performers get their chops. Known for taking care of new performers and helping them to have the best show possible - Jason can also take the comedy to dark corners of the mind and has some of the filthiest jokes I've ever heard. His stand up act *still* shocks me.

He embodies the principle of "Yes and" both on stage and in life which means that when one of us has an idea we follow it through making it better with every try. For example, turning left instead of of right on this path led us to this picture:

Dude, happy birthday! I feel so lucky that I get to spend it with you for so many reasons - one of which is that you're a Fleece Diviner. If there's a fleece producing mammal you will find it.

That and your large large feet. Rap on fine fellow. Rap on.


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Jason!! :)

Jill said...

Jason also shares a bday with:
Nancy Reagan, Janet Leigh, and the man himself, Sly Stallone!