Monday, July 17, 2006

So lucky in lust.

So yesterday was the one year anniversary of our marriage. It came on the tail end of a 3 day doula training course that I was taking IN WHITBY. This means that I was out of the house at 8:30 am and back at 8:00 pm every day of the weekend. I was so focused on the class that I didn't really notice anything around me when I got home at the end of the day.

When I did get home I was all talky and debriefy about the pros and cons of home births vs hospital births and how we can help women have a great birth experiences. Poor Manboy!

Things that magically happened while I was wrapped up in class:

a) The fridge got filled magically with fresh fruit and veg and our cupboards were filled with canned goods so that I could bring my lunch to class
b) The laundry basket that normally overfloweth was empty.
c) The head sized balls of cat fur that had been roaming in packs for the last week had been decimated and were off of the endangered animals list and found in the extinct species list
d) My muddy footprints and coffee spills on the kitchen floor were all gone
e) The bathroom was sparkling and smelled like lemons!
f) The gajillion CD's that I had been listening to while studying all week were put back in their cases and put in alphabetical order (my favourite CD order) on the shelf.

My Manboy made sure that the home was a home every night and then he listened to me talk about everything I learned and let me practise comfort positions on him and then he stayed awake and laughed and laughed with me on Friday night.

Every night I go to sleep beside the person that makes me laugh the hardest. He anchors me so that I can focus on achieving my dreams and supports me in ways that sustains my spirit.

Happy anniversary M. Grands Pieds.


Steph said...

Happy Anniversary!

You must keep any man who cleans the bathroom.

Liz said...


Samantha said...

Happy Anniversary! Your man definitely sounds like a keeper. :)

So, tell me, if you will (LOL) ... what are the advantages to a home birth vs. hospital birth. If I ever get pregnant again, birthing at home will be what I want to do ... my last two births in hospital, while they went smoothly and everything, were very stressful (after the actual birth).

Kelly said...

Girl. I LIVE IN WHITBY. I could have entertained you!

Happy Anniversary!

Heather said...

What a wonderful guy! Happy Anniversary - may you have many more!

Martina said...

I live in Whitby too! Where was the course? Happy Anniversary. Sound like you have a very caring man.

TheAmpuT said...

Samantha beat me to it...He's a keeper!

happy anniversary!!

Not An Artist said...


You are so mushy & adorable!

ps: If you ever want to see your sunglasses again... drop me an email and I will make it happen ;)

krista said...

You are going to be the most rockin doula and midwife there ever could be. If I have a third....

(Happy Anniversary!)

canknitian said...

Awwww. Sweet photo, and definitely a keeper if he cleans the bathroom out of love.