Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rearentry....I mean Re-Entry

Am feeling completely overwhelmed by the re-entry into real world right now so blogging is at an all time low.

Some examples of the thoughts that have drifted through my head in the last five minutes:

a) I can't believe I misread lochia in my textbook and read Iochia - I was thoroughly confused about what in gods name it was and why I couldn't find information on it. Thank god for my mom who defined it for me including signs that could indicate a hemorrage and other important information (missed her calling as a midwife)

b) Where do I want to go for dinner on Sunday with my Manboy to celebrate our first anniversary. Life is hard....Summerlicious mayhaps?

c) I'm going to finish his gift on the train to Whitby on my way to my class...

d) What's the go train schedule on Saturday's and how can I read complex instructions for cabled baby sweaters but can't figure out a train schedule?????

e) I wonder how much fun I missed last night at Lettuce Knit?

f) How much would it cost Kathy to ship one of the alpaca fleeces to me? She's out in the yard shearing them right now - they must have gotten some sunny weather this week to dry the boys out.

g) If I *could* afford an alpaca fleece I wonder how big it would be? They were awful cute when I fed them on our holidays...

h) What projects are in progress right now? Log Cabin blanket, Matinee jacket, intarsia baby blanket, trekking socks, crotchet gift for sister.

i) What projects haven't I posted about? Scribbly Shawl, Knitpicks Socks, Potatatasomus socks (can *anyone* pronounce that?)

j) I hope that Lauren at the Yoga Sanctuary can be bought with freshly roasted coffee beans as a thank you for covering my shift for me gift....

My head is busy...with all things not work related. FAScinating. I can sense a better blogging week - IN THE FUUUUUUTURE.


Rachel H said...

If it makes you feel any better, I missed the fun last night too. Happy upcoming 1st annivarsary!

Steph said...

You did miss the fun. I was there.

And I didn't know you and hubby were newly weds. Summerlicious sounds almost naughty with that tidbit of information.

See you tomorrow??? There'll be beer.

Craftygrrrl said...

I too missed out on last night but I'm coming out for tomorrow night, and man do I need it!

Alpaca fleece aren't too pricy, I have one all cleaned up and ready to spin right beside me. I even met the fuzzie who grew it!

What class are you having to go to on Saturday?

As for the train, on saturday it will only run to Pickering then you need to transfer to a bus...but which one is the trick!

Elizabeth said...

Interesting, what is the crochet gift for your sister?

Jen said...

nice try sister - but at the rate people keep having babies you're not going to get it until sept. a record 5 months late

love you

liz said...

dang it!