Sunday, July 02, 2006

Holy Hannah - we're in for it now.

When my Mom lost her leg (if you find it let me know in the comments) she worked really hard at learning to walk with her prosthetic. It involved so much work that I can't even communicate the blood sweat and tears that went into it on her part - an on ours as we tried to help in ways she needed.

Once Mom conquered citified walking - she and Dad made it a priority to figure out how to make the cottage "Mom Friendly" - if we couldn't do that then the jig would be up. What's a family cottage without a matriarch? Especially a matriarch who loves the outdoors and the lake as much as ours does...

They pretty much spend the whole summer up north now - the last challenge Mom needed to conquer was finding an easier more functional way of getting down to the lake. The hill to the dock has a really steep grade and although Mom's magic at walking now, it's a tough hill when you have two free range legs never mind when you have the Six Million Dollar Man's leg to stand on.

She could walk it but by the time she got down to the dock she'd be exhausted and the uphill trip was even more brutal. This meant that she needed to conserve her energy while she was on the dock in preparation for the trip back. As I'm sure you know, docks are no fun unless you can play your brains out on them.

There were a number of cockamamie schemes discussed including a waterslide, a new path, and the scary idea of a 4 wheeler (mom's a legendary bad driver). One day I will write brilliant monologues about these discussions.

I had to check myself at the door during these brainstorm sessions because I couldn't think that far outside of the box (and the comedy was too great to ignore).

Last night I this was in my inbox:

Apparently, while I was away on vacation Momma got a new pair of shoes!!! My shiver of fear was quelled when Mom told me all about the first canoe trip she took with Dad in 5 years.

He gave her the paddle and said, "Finally, now I can fish while you canoe." That, my friends, is the romance of a 37 year old marriage.


Samantha said...

That's fantastic. :)

Erin said...

aw. your mom seems exactly as i would have imagined her. when life takes your leg, you get a 4 wheeler and run down that mofo.

Wannietta said...

Better & worse, sickness & health. I love real love stories.

TheAmpuT said...

Maybe her leg is hanging out somewhere with my leg. I lost mine, too.

Delurked just for that.
Love your blog :-)

krista said...

aw. That is awesome.