Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Randomness...

Nothing marks the end of the work week like randomness.

1. Don't Get Your Back Up - Sarah Harmer
2. Speed of Light - Joseph Arthur
3. Clueless Wonder - Joel Plaskett - Down at the Khyber 4. Winning Style - Propellerheads
5. Somewhere I Know There is Nothing - Chad VanGaalen
6. Sweet Lovin' Man - Magnetic Fields
7. Night Light - Sleater Kinney
8. Last Jump - Dune
9. Sunken Waltz - Calexico
10. Miracle Drug - AC Newman

Random picture and accompanying thought (just one.) for the week:

I've been sky diving, mountain climbing in Switzerland, and have never had a problem. On our recent vacation my days of high flying adventure have ended. Vertigo.

As a hypochondriac, I blame these signs which were everywhere along the Cape Breton Highlands and hiking along the coast of western Newfoundland. I can actually hear the little guy screaming as he falls - if only he wasn't so careless...

1 comment:

miss ewe said...

Those signs are hilarious! Last summer while driving across Quebec, my favorite was the road-sign indicating that mammoth waves may heave tiny cars off the road (well back from water's edge) at any moment.