Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Random Ten - Knitting, ManMans and Music


a) Knitting: Thanks for all the lovely comments on my VICTORY blanket and the sweater for the new babies. Update on the last unfinished baby sweater am doing the arm shaping...will definitely miss baby shower but may be able to transport to the cottage next week (the new Mom is from Halifax)

b) Vocabulary: Good friend and superlative commenter Denny H asked me the other night when my Manboy would become a ManMan. I had no idea what to occurred to me that some folks might not understand what I mean by Manboy and they may misunderstand it to be some slander against his maturity or manliness.

What makes him a Manboy is the sense of play without any self consciousness or insecurity. It's hard to find a grown up that is willing to get down and silly with's one of my favourite things in the world.

The Man part: pays taxes, brings home the bacon, has ENORMOUS FEET, and takes care of himself. Independant and talented.

The Boy factor somes in when you take a good solid gander at his comic book, dvd, video game and toy collection.

c) You should all know that close to 90% of the FRT tunes have been found through two sources: 3 Hive where there are ton of free and legal downloads just waiting for you to enjoy. CBC Radio 3 where you cannot download but you can hear tons of up and coming bands. I heard The Arcade Fire, Hilotrons, MO3, The Evaporators, Buck 65, The Pink Mountaintops, The Stills, A.C Newman and pretty every single of the Arts and Crafts Label Players before I heard them anywhere else. It is bringing rock relevance and Canadian music to the masses(I also have a minor crush on Grant Lawrence - he's a goalie)

1. Islands - Cat Power - This is from her latest album - The Greatest. I got the title track from 3 Hive months ago and promptly bought the album.
2. Somewhere I Know There is Nothing - Chad VanGaalen - CBC Radio 3 will play AT LEAST one of his tracks a month...
3. Germ - Sixtoo - a 3 Hive find
4. Last Jump - Dune - a 3 Hive find
5. Thin Blue Flame - Josh Ritter - Found him on 3 Hive and got his album The Animal Years from a friend for my birthday - great knitting music
6. I am Not Surprised - The Organ - CBC Radio 3
7. Gotta Get Out - The Bicycles - 3 Hive
8. Fortunes of Few - The Slow Break
9. Wheel - The High Violets
10. Spit on a Stranger - Pavement - My friend Jeff.

Woof - sorry for the long post....


TheAmpuT said...

I have to tell you, the term ManBoy is so endearing to me, and it is one of my favorite things about your blog. I smile EVERY time I read it.
Loooong before I even knew what blogs were, I'd referred to my sweetie as TheBoy in real life. And when I started to write my own blog, I dubbed him TheMIG (TheMostImportantGuy), partly because I saw the wide use of "Boy" all over the place already (and my guy deserved something special, dammit), and partly because I have a 9-year old son and wanted no confusion about who the heck I was referring to.

But the term TheMIG I use for my sweetie doesn't even begin to encapsulate my devotion to the Boy part of him. And I am so charmed by ManBoy, because it just tickles me so!

Anyhow, when I read this post and got to the question of "when does he become a ManMan," I actually thought my response so loud it might have been audible: Never! And let's keep it that way!

Kathleen said...

Enormous feet, eh? You know what they say about guys like that...

...They need enormous handknit socks.

Better you than me.


denny Mcmillan said...

Yo Rachel H, I had dinner with Ted and Danny tonight.

BEFORE you..... Have fun TOMORROW

luv dennyxoxooxo

p.S. Hi erin ummm I mean...(who's blog is this)
Oh Hi jenn love to love ya girlchick.

canknitian said...

I went to see Sarah Harmer a few years ago, and an unknown boy from Moscow (Idaho, as it turns out) opened for her. I love Sarah H, but Josh Ritter knocked my socks off that night. He was promoting 'Hello Starling' and I just can't recommend the album enough.

I'll definitely give 'The Animal Years' a listen with your recommendation in mind.

Happy weekend!

Spooky Knitter said...

I was just trying to explain to my very own ManBoy that the term is not derogatory. You laid it out so much better than I did...
See you Tuesday!

Erin said...

Ok. It's hilarious that Denny has taken to using blog comments as a means to message the elusive, blogless Rachel H. Also concerning that she can no longer distinguish between the blog bitches. Although that must mean that we've become one person and you're now blond and I now have a huge rack. Score.

I LOVE GRANT LAWRENCE. His voice is sultry. Rawr.

denny Mcmillan said...

Jenn,it's hot out and I deleted your message from the phone (thank you for giving me "delete" lessons, they seem to be working).To answer your question, well I never buy fleece. No. Never. I don't know how much it costs,cause I never buy it.MMMMM alpaca. Hot Hot day .........good day for a swim eh jenn? May be a float on a boat, down a river egypt. See ya wed.Let-us-drink.

luv denny x0xox0xo

Jen said...

denny - come drink gin on thursday night on my patio with me and jill and joyce.

bring some cotton.