Monday, July 24, 2006

Darth Vater and Darth Mutter lived happily ever after.

When Manboy's Mother saw that Mom had gotten hooked up with the Arctic Cat her first question was whether or not there was a brain bucket involved.

To that end I introduce you to Darth Mutter. Seriously, that helmut just wreaks of domination and dark force! I'm smiling in this picture but my spidey senses were a-quiver with foreboding. She looks sweet but like all mothers of four from the Northlands- she can packs a tough punch.

Obviously, there was no need for nervousness she used the force for fun on the dock. You see the rock above the ladder on the left side of the picture? We swam there using all the extra energy that was conserved by Big Red. It was so good we pretended we were skydiving...dentists love our big mouths

It's the place that we don't argue and get all Mother/Daughtery - in the water on the way to Echo Rock. I'm so glad that we get to do it more. Of course, Darth Mutter is a busy woman and it wasn't long before she was off to the sunset.

Our cottage is in the midst of some really high impact construction that my Dad has been spearheading and do-it-himselfing all summer. I feel quite terrible that we haven't been up every weekend helping so I finally got up there last weekend to do some of my share.

Three foundation concrete pours and the transporting of 24 bags of concrete (30kg each) We had this to show for it - it's underneath the cottage in the middle of the two old supports...

About halfway through transporting the concrete bags from the driveway to the construction zone I realized that mayhaps Big Red could carry some of the load...Thank God.

Meet Darth Vater


denny Mcmillan said...

man. thats why when I go up north I say....

" WOW,way to go hauling those big timbers from the old dock up here to the back woods and make a shed from it."

I'll make dinner.Shrimp curry anyone?

Rachel H said...

Damn! Denny beat me again! I gotta find a way to stay up later...

Looks like a nice way to spend a weekend, my dear. Even with the hauling of concrete bags. But then, I like the do it yourselfing building kind 'o' stuff.

So did you get a chance to drive Big Red?

Lorraine said...

When I go up north I say "---". That's the sound of me soaking up sun on the dock. Nonetheless, Jen, your mom seems like quite the inspiration.

Denny--how 'come you live 50 houses away from me but I see more of you in the blogosphere? Maybe we should storm-troop Jen with a wheel. Clearly she needs schooling.

You girls are funny people, that's alls I'm saying. McJen, McStabby, McMillan--the whole lot of ya.

jae said...

see? i know where you blog!
amy millan, eh? i'm really diggin' her album too. looking forward to seeing her at hillside this weekend.

denny Mcmillan said...

Morning Rachel H. dennyxoxxo

Jen said...

Hillside?! am jealous.

Samantha said...


May the force be with you.