Friday, July 07, 2006

The cycle of life...

Remember when Ryan announced that she wanted to get Dulaan donations from as many countries, states and provinces in North America as possible? Nunavut was a bit of a challenge.

Fortuitously (I love that word), about 3 weeks after she announced this challenge my close friends' cousin was coming for a visit from Iqaluit!

I sent the wool (Lambs Pride Bulky).

Jess and I made the drop at the Toronto Bus Station where she nearly missed her bus to Ottawa! And the game was afoot!! The drop didn't happen til May 19th and Jess wasn't heading back to Nunavut until late May or early June.

We were tight on time alread but Jess had her Aunt standing by ready to go when she got back!

I got home tonight and found a mysterious package! It was postdated June 30th so we wouldn't have made the due date - BUT JESS EXPRESS POSTED IT TO TRY AND MAKE IT. This is not a cheap thing to do from North of the tree line "summer" or no. That is dedication!

The tuque is beautiful. I don't even do it justice here. But I desperately tried.

I'm going to send it to Ryan to get a teddy bear shot of it. If I may say the game is afoot for 2007!



Ryan said...

I echo that: THANK YOU, JESSICA AND FAMILY!!! AND JENNIFER!! You made my year!

-Ryan, The Dulaan Project

Not An Artist said...

That's just... cool. But not just cool, like COOL.