Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Because I forgot AND I'M A MORON.

I got up early this morning to burn a bunch of starter vacation pictures to cd so that I could post from work at lunch and forgot the CD in the computer, or on the table, or in the kitchen or in the tupperware cupboard where I desperately looked for a lid that fit my pasta dish (that one is for you Martha)

Anyhoo, since morning's are not magic for your kindly heroine I give you this piece of news from the Washington Post - Ken Lay is dead. My sympathy lies with his family who now have to deal with the cost of his greed and soulless manipulation of his employees and their life savings. What little sympathy I have, I had to dig out from under my crushing hope that he had the heart attack on the can.
My friend Jeff B recommended I watch Enron: The Smartest Guy in the Room to understand what really happened a little better.

Talk about Bad Karma eh?

Pictures tomorrow I swear - it's just too overwhelming....

UPDATED: Apparently I think that Ken Lay and Tom DeLay share a brain and that came through the pipes...I'm an idiot - thank god I'm not responsible for anyone else's pensions...

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