Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Week in Review

You should get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or water before you settle in to read this post. She is long and braggerly - I've had a spectacular week and have been working on this post for days.

Friday, June 9th

My Manboy kidnaps me from my office for my birthday "surprise" at 2:00pm and we drive up to Orillia for romantic getaway.

We stayed at the Rama Hotel, which was beautiful and luxurious. I guess they make a lot of money off of the depressing display of humanity that is the Casino. After we checked in J gave me a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA (so excuse the pic quality here - still learning!)

Dinner in Orillia - love that guy...still learning.

Nice hotels have house coats....or as we like to pretend - smoking jackets. We got all pimped up to romance er I mean watch Jon Stewart.

He was brilliant folks. I always forget how dark his actual standup is. The Daily Show is much more reserved than his stand up. He must have negotiated a pretty spectacular deal with Comedy Central because he used a couple of bits from Thursday's show. Comedy Gold with a peach fuzz butt unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the fact he's on my Freebie list...that's ok. Everyone needs a quest.

What a dreamboat.

Saturday, June 11th

Enjoy leisurely brunch at the Mariposa Market - You know your town is serious about fishing when there are machines that dole out the bait. Love it.

A quick scootch on to Barrie to see beautiful nieces, nephew, sisters, brother and parents for an adhoc family barbecue. I think family parties are always more fun when they're impromptu. This is what we walked into:

Then onward and upward to Toronto to primp and prep to for a joint birthday party with long time friend and proud Gemini - Rica. Mom and Dad were in the TDot for a dinner party and they dropped off a birthday gift for me - wine, a sheep skin rug (LOVE IT) and this book. Thanks for the support in this adventure Mom - it means everything.

To the party! Oh my god I love my girls...and my gin....oh my. so .much. gin.

I got spoiled rotten by all my friends. Honestly it was way too much. I also discovered by going through all the pictures that apparently, my mouth's preferred state of being is open. I don't know what I was saying here...but I do love making Aviva laugh this hard.

Sunday, June 11th - Recovery.

My Liver, she is wounded. We woke up laaaate, went for brunch, bought some patio garden supplies and camping equipment and chilled out. Then Denny came over! YAY DENNY GOT A NEW TOY!

Denny gifted me some of her Peter Rabbit for a Scribble Shawl I'm making with the Giotto yarn from Colinette. Meow! Happy Birthday to me!

I have a whole pile of pictures from this hot bloggery date but they are for Gandolf's blog - I will post this piece of "Holy Shittery!" from playing with the new iBook. Denny blew my mind with her new toy.

Monday, June 12th

What's that? You think because I'm at Sunday night that I'm done? Oh no my friend, you see Monday was my birthday and here at my office we get our birthdays off!

This is what I did all day:

So I finished the first of the Potatomus Socks from Knitty seen here lounging in the pansies we bough on Sunday.

My sweet friend Tania came over later in the afternoon and we chilled out and had an impromptu barbecue. What more could a girl ask for after such an amazing weekend.

I even finished the teapot cozy from Knitty which is a thank you gift for a cottage cousin who is lending us their cabin on the Cabot Trail for a few days on our vacation. We are so indescribably lucky with our family and our friends.


Sandi Purl said...

all of it -- awesome! and u deserve every freakin' moment!

Steph said...

Wow, you know how to celebrate! Happy Birthday.

Heather said...

Such a fabulous weekend! Happy Birthday :)

I'm still jealous about Jon. Yum.

Yvette said...

All the best Jen. We'll do a proper toast tomorrow.
Hey did you see Stephanie's kids' birthday tribute to her on her blog? I cried.
(Another knitterly Gemini, BTW)

Rachael said...

Now, THAT'S what I call a good week. Happiest to you!