Thursday, June 01, 2006

Midweek Mayhem

My manboy and I took Wednesday off from work to go see Martin Short in his new play, Fame Becomes Me. It was a matinee (otherwise known as Old Person Time) and the show was cancelled because Short had "a bronchial infection" (otherwise known as "Matinee Sore Throat").

A haiku to describe the experience:

amazing floral prints
old men and women can't laugh
martin short coughing

We got replacement tickets with better tickets for an evening next week at no additional cost so we're pretty happy.

I saw Stephen Lewis speak at Convocation Hall last night. He was the keynote speaker for the Natural City 2006 Conference. I'm still collecting my thoughts on the experience, a challenge due to the fact that he blew my mind.

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Samantha said...

Martin Short is hilarious. :) Enjoy the play.