Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lists of lists of things to do

Oh interweb - the next few posts to you will be long and god willing vaguely interesting.

This is what you can look forward to: IN THE FUUUUUTUURE!

Details both gory and debauched from MY FOUR DAYS OF BIRTHDAY. Sweet baby jebus I got myself spoiled rotten. Pictures will be included

Details of the upcoming vacation and more specifically what I've decided to knit while on the ferry for 6 hours!

Details of recently finished and corrected knitting projects finished on my day off yesterday. Delightful.

For those who want to know Jon Stewart's bum has a light peach fuzz on it. Delightfully shaped. sigh. He's dreamy.


Sandi Purl said...

hey, jay and i were just talking about jon's butt last night. i'll have to let him know about the peach fuzz. boner! i mean, bonus!

Not An Artist said...

Have I mentioned how desperately jealous I am? Peach fuzz you say...

PS: Happy belated!