Friday, June 16, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

So as some of you know I'm heading out East tomorrow...I've been putting some real thought into what I'm going to knit as earnestly demonstrated in today's post of randomness.

My goal is to get through this yarn by the end. Any new yarn/fleece/crack accumulated throughout my vacation serves only to attempt to distract me from these projects which are all on deadline... Do you hear me Fates? Bring. It. On.

My feist factor tonight is only enhanced by the fact that it was the monthly meeting of the Drunken Knitters tonight. Little Missy here has pretty much written the map of my yarn crawl..ehrm vacation...As a symbol of thanks from my Manboy I publish your performance art piece entitled The Facial Belly Button.

Some highlights from tonight. Aleta collected what I think is the last of the Dulaan Projects to mail for us (THANK YOU)

Lorraine of the Spinners Quarterly attended tonight. She taught me how to spin and is so charming that I melted just a little bit. Damn her. She also does the best manual centre pull yarn wind I've ever seen. Magic. Dude, your first yarn is something I strive for.

Finally, thanks to Amy, Denny, Lorraine and Joyce for the moral support to repair this crap. I ripped out the wrong edge of a finished shawl after the Harlot's birthday (honestly I didn't think it was that much gin!!)

Later dudes!


Not An Artist said...

Oh dear. I knew there was a reason I normallly avoided being in photos... have a great vacation!

maggieBB said...

as this is the first summer, I think, of my entire life (some of the early years are a bit fuzzy) that I'm NOT going back east... I'm much jealous of your vacation ;P
But I hope you have a wonderful time anyhow :)

Rabbitch said...

Just found your blog. The name is giving me fits. FITS, I tell you! It's The. Best. Ever.