Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm a can you not be?

So those that know me, know that I've been in every province in Canada, either I've lived there (Northern BC, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) or I've gone camping there (PEI, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta) I'm about to go camping in Newfoundland and am giddy for the adventure. Nunavut is next on my hit list!

My dad has always worked in the mining sector and because we are a family of six, whenever we moved it was by car and tent. The most formative experiences of my life were when we moved from Granisle, BC to Bathurst, NB we saw the country coast to coast and I was only eight years old at the time. Did you know it takes 18 hours to drive from Thunder Bay to Toronto on the Canadian side of the border?

When you're crammed into the back seat of a car with your stinky assed brother and two younger sisters you feel every minute of it.

Never mind who hears what when a tree falls in the forest, how the hell is it possible to track environment regulations when our country is as big and wild as it is? Look at that map for god's sake!

Citizens with Balls. That's how. It would be nice if our government could get it together to enforce the laws and standards that are passed - but the reality is that we are geographically impossible to manage - I imagine a paralysingly large bureaucracy. The fact that this incident apparently was caused by an American oil company spill makes me stroke out.

I found this story through the CBC Radio 3 blog and will be following it for updates.

Expecting oil companies to report their craptastic spills and their horrific greed management is like expecting Ann Coulter to engage in meaningful dialogue with Bob McKeown (best Fifth Estate show EVER) about ideological differences.


John said...


I've worked in Granisle! Back in the day when I was a treeplanter. Crazy little town. You haven't had Chinese food till you've had it in a northern mining town.

Ea Blaze said...

I've done the cross Canada thing as well, but I was about 9. Started in Dean, NS, where I grew up, and we went all the way to Vancouver Island during the summer vacation. We also visited close to half the united states that summer! I still haven't made it to Nfld or the territories, but that's the goal!