Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Random Ten - Random Thoughts Ed.

Sorry for the lack of content here in Ye Sensitive Girle Hole but the H2O Guru (Liz) was here this week so it's been a busy and laughy week offline.

1. Last year J and I went on our first camping trip to the back country of Algonquin Park. Next week we're going to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Gross Morne. This week was spent planning the adventure. It's a lot of fun to camp with him.

2. Liz had her first speaking engagement at the 59th Water Conference. She's the shyest one of us - we're all so proud of her

3. The best mother in law in the world sent me the most beautiful birthday gift ever. Fleece Artist Sock Kit, Cedar Blocks, Yarn cutter, hand knit warm soft beautiful socks (oh, there's pictures!) and a most shmaltzy tear inducing birthday card. You guys can't have her - she's mine!

4. The best manboy in the world has been planning a birthday surprise for me for the past two months. I was told that he would pick me up at 1:00 pm today and we would be leaving town. It took Liz exactly 10.63 hours to let the cat out of the bag - WE'RE SEEING JON STEWART TONIGHT.

This is significant for the following reasons:
a) he's my favourite comedian,
b) he's on my freebie list - it's like the Manboy is *giving* me Jon for
my birthday!! Now that's love. MEOW!

5. There is a large very likely obscenely drunken joint (no pun intended) birthday party tomorrow night. It will involve a lengthy and detailed discussion of the feather in my cap that my escapade with Jon. Am concerned that Bacchus may show up and it takes me weeks to get rid of the wine stains on my mouth when he's involved.

6. On Sunday Gandolf and I are have a Gin soaked blog session that will result in both a long overdue rivetting essay on her blog and photos of yarn porn that will make Annie Leibowitz pee her pants a little bit with envy.

7. My other sister, partner in crime, best friend Charlotte, is gearing up for a tough week. Think good thoughts for her she deserves all of the great things that are coming to her.

Onto the music!
1. Tiny Little Fractures - Snow Patrol (anyone want two tickets for Toronto, June 25th? - leave a comment)
2. Moved On - Nino Moschella
3. Rain Rain Rain - Rheostatics
4. The Execution of All Things - Rilo Kiley
5. Battle of New Orleans - Cornershop
6 The White Collar Holler (Workin' in the Xerox Line) - Stan Rogers (this one's for you and your people Lynn!)
7. In Love Song - The Stills
8. Standing in the Way of Control - The Gossip
9. Slide - Ani DiFranco
10. Calendar Girl - Stars (anyone hear Amy Milan's new album? Leave a comment!)


Heather said...

I am so jealous. Yea, of all of it but ESPECIALLY Jon. Tell him I said hi and feel free to give him a ass-grabbing kiss for me. Yum.

Can I please go on your vacation? Please? The teenagers are slowly driving me insane. Whose idea was summer break anyway?

Sandi Purl said...

holy freakin' moly!! i am so effen jealous! i shall live vicariously thru you. please do grab jon's ass and slip him the ol' tongue! yumma, mumma!

your man boy totally rocks, btw!

Sandi Purl said...

oh, and a very happy birthday to you!

Jean-Anne said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Jen. Happy Birthday to you.

How old are you now!!!How old are you now!!!
I am so so jealous of you seeing Jon Stewart. It is better than seeing the pope!!! hahahahahaha

maggieBB said...

wow. quite a happy birthday to you!

..and what would one have to do for 2 snow patrol tickets? :o

MademoiselleCaroline said...

Hi! First off, happy birthday. I think it's awesome you get to see Jon Stewart! Enjoy!

Second, I will happily be awaiting the continuation of Gandolf's blog...I check it every day but...nothing for over a month. I have been going through'RE her new blog bitch?

Yvette said...

It's your birthday this month too?!! That's you, me and Mrs. Peeps. Cool knitting Geminis are everywhere.
I don't need to say it because you sound darned happy already, but: "Happy Birthday!"

Anonymous said...

I read about how it takes 18 hours to get from T Bay to TO --how come it always took me 20? Jano

Jen said...

Maggie BB - drop me an email jen_hendriks at hotmail dot com

you guys are awesome thanks for the well wishes.

jon stewart = pee your pants funny.