Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cape Breton takes my breath away

We're in North Sydney right now. I'm updating the 'hole from the Staples where we are buying a new camera and memory card.

All pictures of Baadeck Yarns and the Highlands were stolen out of the car last night. BOO!

We saw FIN WHALES! there was a picture of my potamus sock on the Zodiac with a blow spout behind it. Seriously, awe filled.

This is a really swanky laptop that Staples has on has wireless...

woops our store helper is bringing the last Fuji Finepix to us - it was on sale thank god...

UPDATED: 3:50PM - We're at the ferry terminal on our way to Gros Morne. Turns out that the camera wasn't stolen - we left it at Baddeck Lobster Suppers - they just called to tell me that they FOUND THE CAMERA! I'm most excited about the pictures and my faith in humanity being restored. The Staples gave us the same camera for less than half the ticket price so now J has his own.

If we had left it at the Spaghetti Factory the camera would have been goners.

Am feeling rich with good karma. Now you can see the picture of my finished objects of the trip! Denny - I just finished the scribble shawl - Pat at Baadeck Yarns was in love with it!


Samantha said...

Hooray for the camera being found! Yay!!

Aunt Martha said...

You are proof to me that genes run way deep. The camera story reminds me of me so much it gives me the shivers...and hope.
Shivers - that someone else is just as not-quite-but-too-close-for-comfort insane as I am and
Hope - that I have company.

Good choice in camera! Do you like it?

Cindy Rule said...

Hey Jen!!

Oh my god, it's like that visa commerical where the couple leaves their camera on the table at that restaurant and they come back the next day and it's still there!

Yes, you guys should move to the east coast too! I'm totally in love with Miramichi and can't wait to live there. It's quiet and small and just as green as BC. And the river, breathtaking.