Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cape Breton takes my breath away

We're in North Sydney right now. I'm updating the 'hole from the Staples where we are buying a new camera and memory card.

All pictures of Baadeck Yarns and the Highlands were stolen out of the car last night. BOO!

We saw FIN WHALES! there was a picture of my potamus sock on the Zodiac with a blow spout behind it. Seriously, awe filled.

This is a really swanky laptop that Staples has on has wireless...

woops our store helper is bringing the last Fuji Finepix to us - it was on sale thank god...

UPDATED: 3:50PM - We're at the ferry terminal on our way to Gros Morne. Turns out that the camera wasn't stolen - we left it at Baddeck Lobster Suppers - they just called to tell me that they FOUND THE CAMERA! I'm most excited about the pictures and my faith in humanity being restored. The Staples gave us the same camera for less than half the ticket price so now J has his own.

If we had left it at the Spaghetti Factory the camera would have been goners.

Am feeling rich with good karma. Now you can see the picture of my finished objects of the trip! Denny - I just finished the scribble shawl - Pat at Baadeck Yarns was in love with it!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Nova Scotia Day Two

We've been here two days and I've started making plans for us to move out here here after I've finished midwifery in five years. We could open a comedy theatre and book store...I would have my own practise. The fact that midwifery isn't covered by provincial healthcare means nothing to me - I will fight the fight.

My husband has told me to take a deep breath and enjoy the vacation. He has suggested that he might need more time to decide as he's never been out here before.

My arguments:
a) The air reeks of Green (it's so fresh my Toronto encrusted nose started to stroke out)
b) EVERYONE says hello to you on the hiking paths
c) Fleece Artist.

We haven't even really started the adventure yet!

We went for dinner at my Surrogate Family's house last night in Bedford. It was a 30 second walk to the Basin and the Kitties fall from trees here when they are ripe (the setter had treed a jumped out when Jason got there - we told him it was a Kitty tree).

This message will be clear with pictures and more detail. Until then I leave you with this image.

Pussy Trees.

On the knitting front: Have been knitting religiously and finishing nothing, the socks have betrayed me deeply unlike the scribble shawl which is quickly reaching amazonian size. Have not decided if size matters.

Will be in Baddeck tomorrow or Wednesday...thank god we have a car.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

So as some of you know I'm heading out East tomorrow...I've been putting some real thought into what I'm going to knit as earnestly demonstrated in today's post of randomness.

My goal is to get through this yarn by the end. Any new yarn/fleece/crack accumulated throughout my vacation serves only to attempt to distract me from these projects which are all on deadline... Do you hear me Fates? Bring. It. On.

My feist factor tonight is only enhanced by the fact that it was the monthly meeting of the Drunken Knitters tonight. Little Missy here has pretty much written the map of my yarn crawl..ehrm vacation...As a symbol of thanks from my Manboy I publish your performance art piece entitled The Facial Belly Button.

Some highlights from tonight. Aleta collected what I think is the last of the Dulaan Projects to mail for us (THANK YOU)

Lorraine of the Spinners Quarterly attended tonight. She taught me how to spin and is so charming that I melted just a little bit. Damn her. She also does the best manual centre pull yarn wind I've ever seen. Magic. Dude, your first yarn is something I strive for.

Finally, thanks to Amy, Denny, Lorraine and Joyce for the moral support to repair this crap. I ripped out the wrong edge of a finished shawl after the Harlot's birthday (honestly I didn't think it was that much gin!!)

Later dudes!

It's the Friday Random Ten and all signs point to getting the hell out of Dodge.

I'm on my way out of town for two weeks of vacation. The knitting is organized, listed and prepped for packing, the gear is ready to be divided and packed - arrangements made for our kitty. I'm ready to go. Mostly this week has been so busy that I'm excited to hop on a plane with my Manboy and my knitting to catch up with both.

My vacation notes re knitting...that's right-I'm going light on wardrobe to make room. I think that I might be able to get most of it done too....lot of ferry time coming up.

1. Potomus Sock – Pattern ready – Airplane knitting?
2. Standard Knit Picks Socks – no Pattern necessary
3. 1 Whitby Sock – Pattern ready
4. Birch Shawl – Pick up Pattern tonight
5. Scribble Shawl Finish – no pattern
6. Reknit and mail Tuscany Shawl
7. Find patterns for Bangay Babies
8. Blow my, I mean *a* wad at Fleece Artist

This Friday's playlist randomness is brought to you by the letter "Y" for Yarn Harlot who I have been fondly referring to as the Moses of the interweb...providing direction, comedy and yarn porn for knitbloggers everywhere.

As I said to Steph while marinating in my gin filled Nalgene bottle, "Happy Birthday Dude"

1. With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
2. Andy, You're a Star - The Killers
3. Every Ghetto, Every City - Lauren Hill
4. Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris
5. Really Quite Bizarre - Beatnik Film Stars
6. Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too ) - Nobody & The Mystic Chords of Memory
7. Firewall - Horse Stories
8. Parry Sound - Jason Colette
9. Daydreaming - Massive Attack
10. Luthers Got the Blues - Sarah Harmer

I'm loving the random thoughts portion of this feature and plan on continuing it...This here is a picture of me touching a tiny bird that we found in the desolate location of the Casino Rama parking lot. Before he sat on my finger he spent some time casting judgment on J and I for loving Jon Stewart so much.

Seriously, i think he might be a neo-con...maybe Ann Coulter's soul trapped?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Week in Review

You should get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or water before you settle in to read this post. She is long and braggerly - I've had a spectacular week and have been working on this post for days.

Friday, June 9th

My Manboy kidnaps me from my office for my birthday "surprise" at 2:00pm and we drive up to Orillia for romantic getaway.

We stayed at the Rama Hotel, which was beautiful and luxurious. I guess they make a lot of money off of the depressing display of humanity that is the Casino. After we checked in J gave me a NEW DIGITAL CAMERA (so excuse the pic quality here - still learning!)

Dinner in Orillia - love that guy...still learning.

Nice hotels have house coats....or as we like to pretend - smoking jackets. We got all pimped up to romance er I mean watch Jon Stewart.

He was brilliant folks. I always forget how dark his actual standup is. The Daily Show is much more reserved than his stand up. He must have negotiated a pretty spectacular deal with Comedy Central because he used a couple of bits from Thursday's show. Comedy Gold with a peach fuzz butt unfortunately I couldn't take advantage of the fact he's on my Freebie list...that's ok. Everyone needs a quest.

What a dreamboat.

Saturday, June 11th

Enjoy leisurely brunch at the Mariposa Market - You know your town is serious about fishing when there are machines that dole out the bait. Love it.

A quick scootch on to Barrie to see beautiful nieces, nephew, sisters, brother and parents for an adhoc family barbecue. I think family parties are always more fun when they're impromptu. This is what we walked into:

Then onward and upward to Toronto to primp and prep to for a joint birthday party with long time friend and proud Gemini - Rica. Mom and Dad were in the TDot for a dinner party and they dropped off a birthday gift for me - wine, a sheep skin rug (LOVE IT) and this book. Thanks for the support in this adventure Mom - it means everything.

To the party! Oh my god I love my girls...and my gin....oh my. so .much. gin.

I got spoiled rotten by all my friends. Honestly it was way too much. I also discovered by going through all the pictures that apparently, my mouth's preferred state of being is open. I don't know what I was saying here...but I do love making Aviva laugh this hard.

Sunday, June 11th - Recovery.

My Liver, she is wounded. We woke up laaaate, went for brunch, bought some patio garden supplies and camping equipment and chilled out. Then Denny came over! YAY DENNY GOT A NEW TOY!

Denny gifted me some of her Peter Rabbit for a Scribble Shawl I'm making with the Giotto yarn from Colinette. Meow! Happy Birthday to me!

I have a whole pile of pictures from this hot bloggery date but they are for Gandolf's blog - I will post this piece of "Holy Shittery!" from playing with the new iBook. Denny blew my mind with her new toy.

Monday, June 12th

What's that? You think because I'm at Sunday night that I'm done? Oh no my friend, you see Monday was my birthday and here at my office we get our birthdays off!

This is what I did all day:

So I finished the first of the Potatomus Socks from Knitty seen here lounging in the pansies we bough on Sunday.

My sweet friend Tania came over later in the afternoon and we chilled out and had an impromptu barbecue. What more could a girl ask for after such an amazing weekend.

I even finished the teapot cozy from Knitty which is a thank you gift for a cottage cousin who is lending us their cabin on the Cabot Trail for a few days on our vacation. We are so indescribably lucky with our family and our friends.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lists of lists of things to do

Oh interweb - the next few posts to you will be long and god willing vaguely interesting.

This is what you can look forward to: IN THE FUUUUUTUURE!

Details both gory and debauched from MY FOUR DAYS OF BIRTHDAY. Sweet baby jebus I got myself spoiled rotten. Pictures will be included

Details of the upcoming vacation and more specifically what I've decided to knit while on the ferry for 6 hours!

Details of recently finished and corrected knitting projects finished on my day off yesterday. Delightful.

For those who want to know Jon Stewart's bum has a light peach fuzz on it. Delightfully shaped. sigh. He's dreamy.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Random Ten - Random Thoughts Ed.

Sorry for the lack of content here in Ye Sensitive Girle Hole but the H2O Guru (Liz) was here this week so it's been a busy and laughy week offline.

1. Last year J and I went on our first camping trip to the back country of Algonquin Park. Next week we're going to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Gross Morne. This week was spent planning the adventure. It's a lot of fun to camp with him.

2. Liz had her first speaking engagement at the 59th Water Conference. She's the shyest one of us - we're all so proud of her

3. The best mother in law in the world sent me the most beautiful birthday gift ever. Fleece Artist Sock Kit, Cedar Blocks, Yarn cutter, hand knit warm soft beautiful socks (oh, there's pictures!) and a most shmaltzy tear inducing birthday card. You guys can't have her - she's mine!

4. The best manboy in the world has been planning a birthday surprise for me for the past two months. I was told that he would pick me up at 1:00 pm today and we would be leaving town. It took Liz exactly 10.63 hours to let the cat out of the bag - WE'RE SEEING JON STEWART TONIGHT.

This is significant for the following reasons:
a) he's my favourite comedian,
b) he's on my freebie list - it's like the Manboy is *giving* me Jon for
my birthday!! Now that's love. MEOW!

5. There is a large very likely obscenely drunken joint (no pun intended) birthday party tomorrow night. It will involve a lengthy and detailed discussion of the feather in my cap that my escapade with Jon. Am concerned that Bacchus may show up and it takes me weeks to get rid of the wine stains on my mouth when he's involved.

6. On Sunday Gandolf and I are have a Gin soaked blog session that will result in both a long overdue rivetting essay on her blog and photos of yarn porn that will make Annie Leibowitz pee her pants a little bit with envy.

7. My other sister, partner in crime, best friend Charlotte, is gearing up for a tough week. Think good thoughts for her she deserves all of the great things that are coming to her.

Onto the music!
1. Tiny Little Fractures - Snow Patrol (anyone want two tickets for Toronto, June 25th? - leave a comment)
2. Moved On - Nino Moschella
3. Rain Rain Rain - Rheostatics
4. The Execution of All Things - Rilo Kiley
5. Battle of New Orleans - Cornershop
6 The White Collar Holler (Workin' in the Xerox Line) - Stan Rogers (this one's for you and your people Lynn!)
7. In Love Song - The Stills
8. Standing in the Way of Control - The Gossip
9. Slide - Ani DiFranco
10. Calendar Girl - Stars (anyone hear Amy Milan's new album? Leave a comment!)

I'm a can you not be?

So those that know me, know that I've been in every province in Canada, either I've lived there (Northern BC, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) or I've gone camping there (PEI, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta) I'm about to go camping in Newfoundland and am giddy for the adventure. Nunavut is next on my hit list!

My dad has always worked in the mining sector and because we are a family of six, whenever we moved it was by car and tent. The most formative experiences of my life were when we moved from Granisle, BC to Bathurst, NB we saw the country coast to coast and I was only eight years old at the time. Did you know it takes 18 hours to drive from Thunder Bay to Toronto on the Canadian side of the border?

When you're crammed into the back seat of a car with your stinky assed brother and two younger sisters you feel every minute of it.

Never mind who hears what when a tree falls in the forest, how the hell is it possible to track environment regulations when our country is as big and wild as it is? Look at that map for god's sake!

Citizens with Balls. That's how. It would be nice if our government could get it together to enforce the laws and standards that are passed - but the reality is that we are geographically impossible to manage - I imagine a paralysingly large bureaucracy. The fact that this incident apparently was caused by an American oil company spill makes me stroke out.

I found this story through the CBC Radio 3 blog and will be following it for updates.

Expecting oil companies to report their craptastic spills and their horrific greed management is like expecting Ann Coulter to engage in meaningful dialogue with Bob McKeown (best Fifth Estate show EVER) about ideological differences.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My new favourite holidays...

Happy Slayer Day and in a demonstration of coincidence extraordinaire it's also National Emo Kid Beatdown Day!

Punch a hipster today!

This post was brought to you by Jeff B. You know who you are.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A tale of three pictures

This picture is for Joyce - to accurately portray Cecil's rubinesque glory. I love Cecil.

I finished this shawl in Fleece Artist Mohair. It was nighttime and it needs to be sent away so the picture doesn't do it justice - it's a perfect wrap for a cool spring evening. Of course those spring evenings have gone the way of the dodo bird for Torontoites but still exists in more civilized parts of Canada - I must send it asap.

It's made of millions and millions of little snowflakes...

In other news, I've finished 1 of two Potatomus socks and the deadline for Dulaan is oncoming - as per usual I have left it to the last minute so will be slamming the toques, scarfs and mitts together until June 15. Furiously knitting!

Midweek Mayhem

My manboy and I took Wednesday off from work to go see Martin Short in his new play, Fame Becomes Me. It was a matinee (otherwise known as Old Person Time) and the show was cancelled because Short had "a bronchial infection" (otherwise known as "Matinee Sore Throat").

A haiku to describe the experience:

amazing floral prints
old men and women can't laugh
martin short coughing

We got replacement tickets with better tickets for an evening next week at no additional cost so we're pretty happy.

I saw Stephen Lewis speak at Convocation Hall last night. He was the keynote speaker for the Natural City 2006 Conference. I'm still collecting my thoughts on the experience, a challenge due to the fact that he blew my mind.