Monday, May 29, 2006

The weekend in review...while sweating at the computer

Friday Afternoon, 1:30 pm: Nothing says springime than a pedicure and leg primping! I love it. Joanna's Esthetics in Loki (416) 961-3600 in the heart of Yorkville - you too can feel primped and luxurious without breaking the bank. Joanna is affordable and so so awesome.

I planted my patio Herb garden and appreciated my "Call me on my Cell-ery" Nailpolish. Delightful afternoon.

5:00pm - 8:00pm: The Yoga Sanctuaary for work.

8:30 pm - 11:00 pm - then to Joyce's house for knitting and sewing. I am in love with this walrus of a kitty!

8:37pm: Jill gave me this summer tank from last year (correct me if I'm wrong) - she hated it, I loved it - a match of opinion made in heaven. Since I was thinking earlier that day that I wanted to knit something exactly like it, she saved me the trouble! Told me I had to finish it but that it was mine.

Saturday 10:30 am: I love this shirt and it worked great on adventures for Open Doors Toronto on Sunday!

Saturday 11:00 am: I'd like to present to all y'all: Green Gable! I attempted an Erin like stylized picture which just turned out washy.

Sunday was Doors Open Toronto with Stasha, Jean Marc and Jason as featured here on the Empire- Toronto's own faux tall ship! Argh Matey!

The 51 Division Location was the biggest bummer considering that their idea of open door is the lobby - which had a lot of antique toys oddly enough. Jason thought that all the toys that were displayed had been used to transport smack and crack but I think he was overthinking the issue.

Then to Shangri-La. AKA Steamwhistle Brewery.

Which naturally led to the always delightful, Distillery District.

To Mill St.!!!


Rachel H said...

An enviable way to spend a weekend.

Rachel H said...

Oh, darling one, could you bring your new niddy noddy to LK tomorrow night please? I'd like to see one in action so I know how to determine the length.

Jen said...
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tapeheads said...

One of these years I will make it out to Doors Open.
Oh, and I'm sorry, but that picture does not do justice to the immense size of Cecil.

Jill said...

Jen - I'm so glad the tank looks good on you! I'm going to send you a picture of what it looked like on me!

kelly said...

hurrah for cecil!!!

krista said...

It looks good! How come yours isn't short like Erin's?

Maybe she really is a giant?