Friday, May 05, 2006

Sign of Armageddon

I refuse to believe that RV is the #1 movie and yet all signs point to truthiness. How embarrassing for mankind. Every time I see a trailer I actually feel dumber.

Although this brings me much hope and delight. I know the blogosphere has been abuzz about it since Saturday but Colbert is a great way to spend a Friday.


Samantha said...

Nope, not Armageddon ... just Robin Williams' popularity shining through ... I hope.

My husband wants to see RV. He actually thinks it'd be a good one to see in the theatre. Me? I say, okay, lets rent it once it's out, but I'm not spending money to sit in a room with a hundred or so giggling idiots to see a movie I don't really want to watch -- except for the Robin Williams bit, 'cause he's a favourite of mine.

Dr. Steph said...

Robin Williams was on the Daily Show ostensibly to promote RV and never mentioned it once--they just talked politics.

And it was funny. Though not as funny as Stephen Colbert (who's so cutting I'm surprised Bush didn't start bleeding).

Jen said...

don't get me wrong - I dig on robin williams (sorry Jeff and Jason) and I think if he'd written this it might be decent

but he didn't he's just getting paid to portray a simple slapstick comedy that looks *terrible* it's a renter at best...woof.

Cindy Rule said...

Oh god Jen, I totally agree with you. There was an accident on a bridge near my parents house on Monday which prevent my parents from getting to their house until 11pm that night and so they went for dinner and decided to see a movie. My dad said the only movie playing that had started, but wasn't too far in was RV. So I said "oh my god, you didn't go" and my dad said "YIP!" and I proclaimed that I would rather be stuck in traffic....this based only on previews...maybe I'm not being fair....maybe it's a cinematic masterpiece, but I think it's safe to say that there are better movies to pay good money to see.