Monday, May 01, 2006

Sewing Sewing Sewing...keep them doggies Sewing...RAWHIDE!

From my Aunt Sally (THE MOST LUCKY AUNT EVER):

"So, I am idly waiting in line at Fabricland to pay for sequins and beads (total $1.24), and thinking that all the staff time and paperwork to run this sale up is ridiculous, when I absent-mindedly fill out a form that seems to want my name and address.

A week later I get a phone call that I have WON a sewing machine worth $629.39! I never win anything!

I am bonded to my old Kenmore, whose quirks I know like the back of my hand- we have been through much together. So, with all the creative friends you know, does anyone want a BRAND NEW, never been opened, Janome Sewist 521 for $400."

Am very jealous as would love a sewing maching...but want a spinning wheel more so I offer this up to the crafty folk in the world - if you know someone who may be interested please forward them the deets and contact info.

If'n you're digging a new machine here is Sally's email address - Psychos need not apply: sally.cumming(at)sympatico(dot)ca


Craftygrrrl said...

So my spinning sister (I think we need to start a Convent or something with Denny as our fearless leader!)...what kind of wheel are you looking for?

If your thinking of going second hand I highly recommend Laurie at the Black Lamb in Port Hope as she gets some nifty ones in on trade. She is super nice and it's a nice road trip.

Jen said...

hey dollface! i was totally thinking about a spinning convent/cult...would love to get one second hand and we're gearing up for a black lamb road trip in the fall...can you dig it?

Jill said...

Too bad I just bought a new one!

Craftygrrrl said...

Oh Jill what type of wheel did ya get?