Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I know you are but what am I?

A public knitting junkie.

I could no longer avoid the truth when on Friday night I found myself risking tardiness for The Stills concert which I thought started at 8:00pm and bad karma by leaving my yoga job 20 minutes early to say hi to these wenches. I got to the concert in time for the encore (at 8:30 pm!!). I wasn't the only one that missed it though.

Here's the honest to god truth. I've given up smoking in exchange for groups of 15 or more knitters who enjoy congregating, organizing and drinking. How can you blame me when this people drink beer, eats spicy burrito's and have an capacity to organize that could teach the democrats a thing or two.

On Saturday I was one of three team captains for the 2nd Bi Annual TTC Knit a Long - Hooo boy these Ladies can travel.


Thank god it's not all mine...but I did get to touch it all.

I just got dizzy looking at this picture.

My team started at Knit-o-matic where I picked up some beautiful Fleece Artist Kid Mohair/Silk blend and Lilly (a missing teammate) I managed to leave ye ol' monstrous camera behind so pictures lack until this point in Kensington market outside of Lettuce Knit - this is where all three teams congregated.

Eventually it was time to start the trek to the The Beach. It was really hard to get a full picture of 30 of us standing on Queen waiting for a streetcar. It was AWESOME to distress the normally nonplussed hipsters that cruise Queen West by the veritable herd of knitting knitters.

Then the real rabble rousing began. The Star sent a photographer and a reporter to the event and the story was in today's paper. I think we freaked them both out. Though the reporter was knitting up a storm by this point.

Elizabeth has managed to enthrall men on every major drinking/public knitting event we've been on. She is Aphrodite with yarn and needles. It's magical to watch.

We ended the day at the Naked Sheep enjoying prizes and our yarn comas. I could barely feel my legs by that point leaving myself susceptible to the yarn pushing powers of one Ms. Denny.

So. Good.


Yvette said...

I hear you. Missed you on Friday because I was at Canstage, listening to Edward Albee speak. I came by later. I actually considered seriously giving up my ticket for Edward F***ing ALBEE! so I could catch the whole knitting evening. We are not normal people...

krista said...

Oh I feel FAMOUS!

I thought I'd send you this link. I love her site, she always knits beautiful things, but she happened to just finish the same pattern you are knitting, so I thought I'd pass it your way for motivation:


krista said...

is that link even going to work?