Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have an older brother

Not many people have met him because Dan is 4 years older than me and we're often not near each other. As my older brother he's always been my measure for how far I can push myself to succeed or fail as a choice.

Dan turned 36 on Sunday so this birthday worship is late but it's part of my tard(t)y charm so I won't apologize for it. What did my brother do to celebrate the end of a craptastic year and the start of a new better and fresh year? He helped my Water Sister move out of her apartment.

That's the kind of man my brother is. He looks after everyone. Writing about Dan is hard because he's such an incredible influence on my life in ways that he doesn't know about.

- Dan is a spectacular father of 3 children soon to be 4. Oh the fun that he has with his children is constant and awe inspiring. When I see my brother with his family I want to COPY EVERYTHING HE DOES.

- Dan drove 6 hours to come to my graduation from McGill because everyone should have family at grad and ours lived in buttfuck nowhere 34 hours away.

- Dan is a consummate business man and diplomat. Everyone should have a conservative in their life that they care deeply for, it helps develop bi-partisan cooperation.

- Oh my god he's funny. He makes me laaaaaaaaaaugh my guts out.

- Dan experienced a lot of heart break this past year and wasn't afraid to talk about it. This is why he'll live to be a decrepit old man...unspoken sadness can kill you.

- He seeks out adventure and satisfaction in his life and led me by example. The adventure always fits into the boundaries set by the people and things important to him.

I started looking for pictures of my brother and finally found an old one that I stole from my mother. I'll be scanning and posting it tonight, while I was desperately searching for the picture and feeling terribly guilty I realized that I didn't get a camera until Dan moved out thus causing a drought of older brother pictures.

Heads up Dan - I'm going to be making up for lost time. Happy Birthday yo!


Samantha said...

Belated Happy Birthday Dan!! :)

Zoom! said...

Happy birthday a little late Dan. I never knew you existed until today, but now that I know, I have to say I want you. I want you BAD! (We can work on the conservative thing....)