Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday Random Ten - the Inuk Edition!

Last night was spent eating too much and drinking too much wine with our friends Scott and Aviva and their cousin Jessica who was visiting from Nunavut.

She taught us some Inuk and took us on a virtual tour of Iqaluit with a basic history lesson from an Inuit perspective. She is a complete DOLLFACE.

Did you know that there is a story that the Northern Lights are actually Inuits playing soccer with a Walrus skull and if you whistle at them the walrus skull will come and cut off your head unless you click your finger nails in time? This was shocking news to me because in Manitouwadge they say if you whistle at the lights they'll dance more for you.

Things that make you go hmm.

Most importantly, Jessica also promised to bring the Lamb's Pride wool to her grandmother in Iqaluit to knit for the Dulaan project - thus getting Nunavut to represent!

Jess called me at 8:45 this morning to arrange the "Yarn Drop" at the Greyhound bus station where she was hopping a bus to Ottawa for a couple of weeks. Her grandmother will mail the tuques from Iqaluit COD to me and I'll send them to FIRE. It's a finely tuned orchestra of geographic knitting. Jessica is a Yarn Angel.

The best part is that it's Friday Yo!

1. Gonna Never Have To Die - Guided By Voices
2. Boy is Crying - Saint Etienne
3. Believe - Franka Potente
4. Parade Of Punk Rock T-Shirts - Maritime
5. Like Swimming - Morphine
6. Like Eating Glass - Bloc Party
7. Wrecking Ball - Emmylou Harris
8. The Big Guns - Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
9. Closing Time - Tom Waits
10. Blue Lines - Massive Attack

Bonus Track:
Somewhere I Know There is Nothing - Chad VanGaalen