Monday, April 10, 2006

What's that? A deadline?

A menu of hopes, wishes, and dreams:

Birthday Gift for aforementioned super sister:

What's that? You can't tell what it is? That's because it's not finished yet (IT WILL NEVER BE FINISHED) and she reads this hole regularly.

Birthday Gift for 90 year old Mimi. Root of my knitting and my family. I started this cross stitch a year's got a million different shades of pink and peach (I thought that they were the same thing) It's breaking my will to live

Stash Items that I will be busting in the next two weeks:

One ball of Noro Kureyon - will be turned into a Teapot cozy thus permanently embedding me into the frumpy category of woman. You can judge me if you want but next time you comfort food or time I'll be there in my frumperific glory!

A skein of grey Cascade 220. I shall knit the Topi from the spring Knitty and by the power of Greyskull I shall so trendy with my noggin!

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