Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sock Tea. You know you want it.

My Secret Pal is the best. I said it.

I got home from work earlier this week (week 6 of not buying any yarn or knitting related accoutrements for those counting) and got this package. Dear god what a terrible picture.
Nancy Bush's - Knitting Vintage Socks for which I'VE BEEN SAVING FOR for 2 months...I AM SO EXCITED!

The little tin looks like feminine chewing tobacco but it's beautiful green tea sachets and that is a voodoo kit which will help me in my battle with my wayward crappy client. HOORAY!

Delicious! Now that the camera has new batteries there will be knitting pictures. I've been trying to get 3 birthday gifts done and this Saturday is my deadline....hopefully you'll get pictures then. I'm going to draw attention to the fact that this post was started BEFORE 6:00 AM - I've been awake since 4:30am! It's one of the 7 signs of armageddon folks...right in between raining blood and earthquakes....good luck today.

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