Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pillow Talk

One of the standard questions I've always asked boyfriends when we were in the smitten kitten phase of dating is, "If you had to choose one of your 5 senses to lose, which would it be?" (yes, I was just that tortured and cliched)

Inevitably the boy would give me some equally cliched romantical answer like:

"Well, I would totally give up my sight because a world without music would be death to me." or

"Dude, I would totally give up hearing because a world without colour would be death to me." or

"Dude, anything but taste because if I couldn't eat myself into a food coma I might have enough mobility to walk out of the closet."

I asked Jason this question in bed last night and here's what I got immediately:

"I WOULD TOTALLY GIVE UP TOUCH! Then I would be impervious to pain and it would be, like, my superhero power! I'd be THE PAINLESS AVENGER!! My nemesis would punch me and I'd be...Hello, did you want some fries with that? I would barely know he was there!


I fell in love all over again.


Samantha said...

Great answer Jason! Bravo bravo!!

Nada said...

lol this is very funny ...How romantic!!

maggieBB said...

lmao - that's hilarious :)
and if I remember to, I should try asking my friend that question tonight.. see if he can one word answer that one :P

Heather said...

It is those little things that are so endearing. I think that answer is better than all the others, no wonder why you married him!

Erin said...

i think i have a crush on your husband. you're lucky he won't be there tomorrow yo.

aviva said...

No touch, eh? I don't know about romantic...
but the superhero part is certainly AWESEOME.

Jeff said...

If I remember correctly, this was the plot to the 'The World is not Enough'....Russian Mobster takes a bullet to the head, gets lodged in his brain, cutting off is ability to feel pain, and so he becomes a super villian who tries to blow up Istanbul...kind of a evil answer really.