Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh my god I just broke another one...

This is my favourite subject line of all time. It also tends to be the calling card of my righteous girlfriend Lynn who has the honour of being too much woman for most men.

I met Lynn for the first time at my first real office job. She took me under her wings and taught me the ways of the office administrator - ie: how to use cover up to deal with the hicky(s)* that I got from bad boyfriend Chris version 3.2. I'm still not sure why she decided to adopt me as I was even louder, more debauched and more brash than I am now.

Imagine it - then make it dirtier, braless and less socially acceptable - then go rinse your mind's eye out with soap.

Thank god she adopted me because she became another sister. I'm pretty sure if she knew that this would happen she brought tequila to our lunch dates.

Here are some fun facts about Lynn that inspire me to live more fully:

1. She cleared her own land, built her own house while raising two awesome people on her own.

2. The first person in Toronto that trusted me so much that she let me take care of the two most valuable people in her life - Lily Ann and Jack thus ensuring that those two have yet another person in their lives to humiliate and adore them.**

3. Oh my god - the risks that this woman takes in order to live her life fully and completely take my breath away. That includes getting involved with long time love interests and moving to her homeland.

4. Lynn is the only (I'm not exaggerating) person I really really love talking on the phone with - oh my god it's just so much laughing and laughing. Probably because I can't overstay my welcome by going over EVER DAY FOR HOURS AND HOURS - which you know damn well I would do if I lived closer than 24 hrs away. (I'm laughing right now thinking about it)

5. She will fucking cut you if you mess her family - genetic or otherwise.

6. Lynn came back to Southern Ontario just to meet the man that stole my heart and then stayed after the wedding so that we could talk like normal people. That's a long way to drive and a long time to stay away from her garden of eden but she loves me and mine just that much. That was really great.

Happy Birthday Lynn! SEE YOU SOON!!! WOO HOO!

*Since I'm pretty sure her brilliant and talented offspring will read this: LILY ANN AND JACK - HICKIES ARE DISGUSTING AND TOTALLY UNCOOL AT ALL AGES YOUR MOTHER TOTALLY HARSHED ON ME as she laughed her head off.

**I am, to this day, flattered and blessed. THAT'S RIGHT I JUST GOT CORNY!!!


Rachel H said...

Here I was about to come back and, well, laugh at you for having Christina in your line up today, and you go and post this. Very sweet. Very wonderful.

And now I'm very curious; what did she just break 'another one' of?

Jen said...

she had just broken another man...they just can't handle all that is lynn

Lily ann said...

Jen, I wouldnt trade the humiliation, or the big hugs&kisses for ANYTHING in this world. I love you missy !

lynn said...

You guys are great. It's awesome to see such good relationships and respect for those who make it on their own.... you go Lynn... fantastic looking young adults that you are raising. Good job!!!