Monday, April 24, 2006

Memoirs of a blog bitch

So what's it like being the blog bitch for the Gandolf of knitting you ask?


In this picture we have: corriedale fibre, general sheep fibre, cat shedding and skeins of Misti Alpaca. That there red sweater is Gandolf (with an 'o' thank you very much)

It was like a magical dance of traditions old and new:

The second she got her groove on with the keyboard I would interrupt her blogging to ask her remedial spinning questions and then when I finally would get my groove on the wheel she would yell OH MY GOD I PRESSED THE DELETE BUTTON!!!!

It was the perfect if not clumsy meshing of the ages and we both thought that if we did something wrong we IT WOULD ALL BE RUINED. It took awhile for the message to get through to me that the fibre will tame me with practise and that computers are not nearly as sensitive to Denny's touch as originally thought.

I had a great time although after Denny left my Manboy voiced his concern that we sounded cultish as we discussed "the work of our people" and spreading the word of fibre. He wasn't so far off the mark.


Kelly said...

If there's espresso cookies involved, I want to learn how to spin too!

krista said...

hmm. one day you must introduce me to this swift contraption.

Erin said...

ahahaah "the work of our people" = classic Denny. *muah*

Not An Artist said...

Spinning wheels & laptops, what a perfect union. I am starting to think I may need to learn this... spinn-ing... that you are speaking of.

Mmmm espresso cookies.

loulou said...

Cult- whatever.... it's not like we're making money off of "our people", but hey, drink this kool-aid, drink it!

Heather said...

espresso cookies?

that sounds yum!