Saturday, April 08, 2006

Knitiquette Knumber Knine

Team Canada convened it's second monthly business meeting on Friday night. This meeting and other KIP (Knitting In Public) events have inspired me to write a list of Knittiquette Rules mostly based on my own...indiscretions.

Live and learn my young uns.

1. When attending a knitting function remember: YOU WILL NOT NEED MORE THAN TWO KNITTING BAGS. Often times - particularly in bars there is not enough room and not only does it demonstrate a napoleonic level of over gets squishy. I brought a bag for spinning, a bag of sweater and a large bag I call my purse.

2. DPNs: I have lost a DPN every single time I've attended a Knitting Knight. Do not bring DPNs of any size and expect to have them all at the end of the night.
3. Always share dessert and any other food that is on the table. It will aid in your digestion. I ate too many Aussie fries which incapacitated me thus inhibiting my knitting and spinning ability. That being said if you see a knitter going down (not in the good way) in the war against her fries - help her out for the love of wool!

4. Drink Guiness or Strongbow - a delightful buzz without destroying conversation or sock knitting. Thanks to Not An Artist for the pilfered photo.

5. I loved spinning. This is allowed at knitting events....thank you to Mel for the patient help - am thoroughly addicted to spinning unevenly.

I do believe that this was the best meeting of the knitters to date, up til Friday the nights were so chaotic that I felt like I never got a chance to visit or have "conversations" with folks that I hadn't met before. Krista, Maggie and Rocketbride (Alita?)


Erin said...

Hey Jen. Dude I totally paid that bill at the bar then I re-paid Joyce for it. I'm irritated at the Duke and if I wasn't leaving I'd be staging a protest. But yes, the night was freaking awesome! FREAKING AWESOME! Although I'm betting we'll upstage it @ yours on Thurs. tata

Not An Artist said...

Wow, I didn't even notice you sneaking 3 knitting bags on in. And maybe if the Duke had given us more space it wouldn't have been so squishy!

Anonymous said...

This is still me favorite format. I'm glad it's back.

Samantha said...

Sounds like fun. :) Those are good guidelines to follow. :)

Samantha said...

Sounds like fun. :) Those are good guidelines to follow. :)

Rocketbride said...

i lost my dpn too! drag. you made me feel so welcome jen; i'm coming next month because you asked me to sit down!