Friday, April 28, 2006

It's the Friday Random Ten...

It's the Career Limiting Statement Edition of the Friday Random Ten:

Today's moment of ridiculousness is brought to you by me. In today's all staff meeting (that's for you Joyce) one of the managers was giving me credit for booking 4 meetings in a stupid sales initiative that I have to work on.

I demurely said thank you, the key to my success is my skill at charming the person on the phone and then I say:

"It's not the oldest profession in the book because it doesn't make money you know."

I actually got groans from folks in the audience...but I guess whore jokes will do that in an all staff meeting. Jesus, I can't believe I've never been canned.

1. A Protest Scream: DJ Enso
2. Dry Lightening: Bruce Springsteen
3. New Drug Queens: The Pink Mountaintops
4. Oh So Bucco: Rick Moranis
5. History of Lovers: Iron and Wine & Calexico
6. Smack my Bitch Up: The Prodigy
7. Rise Up With Fists!: Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
8. 360 Degrees: Propellorheads
9. Sunken Waltz: Calexico
10. Where is My Love: Cat Power


tapeheads said...

Was that before, or after the drum circle?

Jen said...

before...kind of a warm up

Lily said...

Ive been listening to smack my bitch up, on repeat for days. you read my mind.