Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I shot the Cherry, but I did not shoot the Kool Aid Guy

To follow up the spinning extravaganza I present to you: The pre dyed Shlublette! Enter the theme from Jaws. I can't believe that noone finds the Kool Aid guy just a little creepy. Have you seen the new ads with him in his camouflage pants giving juice to kids? Someone should tell parents that juice is used to permanently dye WOOL.

Just call me Chef Boy R Dee....licious!

The one part of dying that always made my brain reboot was the instruction to strain the yarn when the water is clear. For some reason my brain just couldn't understand where the colour would go...

Aaah yes, into the yarn of course!

For Erin here's a picture of Denny's "Blue with Pink Cocoons" from Megan with the cocoons in full glory. Thank you Denny for showing me that a spinning wheel isn't as intimidating as I thought - it's just shy!!


krista said...

Denny absolutely makes the BEST facial expressions.

maggieBB said...

that is some yummy looking yarnness :)

Not An Artist said...

I don't know, the koolaid guy always struck me as someone who would be real fun to party with... you know, someone with drugs ;)