Saturday, April 22, 2006

I fizzisheled projects yo!

In my first craft related entry I showed a picture of this cross stitch. A year and 1 day later I finally finished it. I'm so glad that I found this website so that I can ban gay cross stitch patterns from my life forever.

Like the true knitter she is my Mimi was much more impressed with the wrapping than with the gift - the little knitted sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's made out of the remnants from my Fleece Artist thrummed mittens.

I finally finished the Conwy socks from Knitting on the Road in Fleece Artist Merino. I'm wearing these socks right now and my feet ARE LOVING THEM. Sometimes I find that the designs I read and hear about so much don't live up to the hype. NANCY BUSH IS A SOCK GODDESS. Her patterns are clear and beautiful. This was the second pattern out of the book that I've done....she's great.

Doesn't fleece artist just glow?

Now for the SECOND SWEATER of my life that fits. I made Laura's top down cardi. This picture doesn't do the wool justice - it's spectacular mystery wool from Ecuador. About 3 or 4 years ago my youngest sister Liz worked with children in Ecuador. She brought back 2 or 3 completely mangled skeins of this wool for me (showing great foresight as my love of the knit hadn't fully formed) . It took both she and I the next 2 years to untangle it. I still couldn't tell what the wool was like but the stash, she needed to be busted so I cast on the sweater.

It is spectacular. The gradual changes from deep indigo blue to white is like poetry. The colour takes my breath away. It was rough to knit but softens up afterwards so much so that I can wear it against my bare skin. It's beautiful.

I got the really cute boutons at Romni Wools. My morning was spent at the Knitter's Frolic and frolic we did. I want to pose my financial suicide in a group shot before I post about my spinning class and other shenanigans.


loulou said...

I saw the top down at the DKC the other night, and it IS absolutely smashing!

krista said...

who knew "yo" and cross stitch could go together so nicely in a post.

Kelly said...

Awesome work there!

Erin said...

wow. you just fo'd me out. i was just about to send you a note about the topdown and kapow you hit me with your skillz.