Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How to get me to flip you the bird without thinking

While giving a presentation on how to leave out of office messages to a group of 30 men and women, mention that sometimes "us women" have to ignore our PMS to be pleasant on the phone.

This from a WOMAN IN HER MID THIRTIES. Holy shit, my 90 yr old grandmother is more progressive than this woman.

A piece of advice only rivaled by this (and I quote): "Jennifer, once you're more mature you'll be easier to manage." Well colour me inspired.

Updated to add: I just talked with the presenter just to find out if she was maybe making a terrible terrible joke that I just misunderstood. She is a talented writer and an established marketing professional - PMS statements didn't seem to be her Modus Operandi.

She told me that she was mortified and that sometimes she says the most inappropriate things in public but that she didn't mean for it to sound the way it did. I can totally relate.


Rachel H said...

by association, does that mean I can expect my hair to become easier to manage as I, um, mature?

Jen said...

oooo! good come back! I wish I'd thought of that!

Not An Artist said...

Wow. That makes my boss look positively sensitive by contrast.

Melanie said...

Um, I guess I can relate to saying stupid things too, but I don't know --if I'd been in that audience, I'd still be pretty steamed.

Steph said...

Nice. And of course menstruation is the reason women can't use this technology in the first place right?

tapeheads said...

The part that I'm having trouble with is - You guys have to have a presentation on how to leave out of office messages?!