Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Confessions of a Public Knitter

I knit pretty much where ever I am - socks...the public knitter's friend, stockinette sweaters - the social knitter's best friend.

So, it would seem that I've become the silent partner in public knitting events. I love saying that *almost* as much as I love going to these events.

If you haven't already enjoyed the monthly drinking knitters meetings that occur in midtown. I *highly* recommend you come. What's that? You're shy and don't know any of the knitters that go? Shush you. We're a friendly open group of folk and you KNOW it - I refer you here for a perspective from a "shy" knitter.

Last fall I engaged in my first community event the TTC Knit A Long. It was the first time that I hung out with other knitters as OCD as I was - it was also the first time that I had ever yarn shopped with other knitters - needless to say it was a financial disaster. But. So. Much. Fun. This year we've made T-Shirts that you can buy (I need a nicer picture to display) AND there are more stores involved than last year!!

I attribute the fact that I find myself so lucky to be a part of such an amazing knitting community to the TTC Knit A Long of last fall. Click the link to see the pictures.

Then - go sign up for it. Now.


maggieBB said...

i'd also be a shy knitter who knew no one the first time i headed out... SO WORTH IT. ;P

and that ttc knit-a-long thing sounds delightful funtasticly insane :o

Yvette said...

Two words Jen: Yarn Diet!!!
I'm sworn to frugality for a while. Hmm...pay the property taxes or buy yarn? I'll be working that day to earn my pennies but I'll be with you guys in spirit.

Rocketbride said...

how wrong (right?) is it that bridesmaidmania is the same day? while i could once imagine shopping for yarn all day and partying like a tipsy bridesmaid all night, i'm afraid i'll have to choose the activity less damaging to my future ability to finance a house. drag.