Monday, March 20, 2006

World meet Moonoonit Hoot Gemmill

Me: It'll be a hoot to have a kid!

Him: That should be it's middle name: Hoot

Me: Perfect, though it makes me think of pot smoking.

Him: Moonunit Hoot Gemmill - perfect for a boy or a girl.

Me: (demonstrating minor illiteracy) How would you pronounce that? Moonoonit similar to Nunavut?

Him: Moon Unit, like Frank Zappa's kid.

Me: Why don't I just pop the kid right into the bullys fist and skip the middle man.


tapeheads said...

Joe and I already have names for our kids - there's the twins, Sullen and Ennui, their brother Charlatan and their sister Tawdry. We came up with a new one recently, but I forget it. I think I'd want to stop at four kids anyway.

Jen said...

Those names make me think of Edward Gorey. I particularly like Tawdry...maybe I feel a kinship.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!

I haven't forgotten you . .. I'll be sending your last package this week.

Secret Pal

krista said...


Tootie would be the most hilarious nickname...

krista said...

Hey, I just found something you might be interested in (Or maybe you already use this...)

Check it out:

Samantha said...

Baby naming is so much fun. LOL

Steph said...

I'll try to find the "what not to name your baby" book we had during the whole naming process.

Fetus one was lovelingly called Puddin' Head Pegleg Thompson in utero, though my husband was lobbying for Thor. Good thing we had a girl.

kelly said...


Am I missing something here?

Erin said...

suspicious jen SUSPICIOUS.

since everyone else is sharing. the joke name mr ass and i picked out were:
Wing Lee (if a girl) & Dong Ho (if a boy) because I thought it would be hilarious. A boy named Dong. Woohoo.

Craftygrrrl said...

I would just like to say that it is really cruel to name your child after whatever bevie you were consuming the night you concieved him/her. You might as well just start a bully pay off fund instead of an RESP.