Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So there we were minding our own business.

And the perfect house just came up to us and bitchslapped us right in the faces.

Sunday. We woke up early. Seriously, WE woke up early - I DON'T WAKE UP. It's just not what I do. Anyway we got up, made breakfast, had mid morning nookie LIKE WE DID WHEN WE DATED and went for a stroll through the neighborhood. We do this every once in awhile - then we check out open houses if the house looks neat or just wander through Riverdale.

That's when we found the perfect house. We wandered in because the front porch had two wicker chairs and a coffee table out and it looked comfy.

Private large(ish) backyard for Jason - wrap around mojito porch for me. Freshly renovated rental apartment WITH LONG TERM TENANTS. New furnace, central air conditioning, energy efficient washer/dryer in both apartments and a finished DRY BASEMENT.

It's beautiful. So I turn to J and say...what do you think it's worth - I'm betting 500,000, he ups my ante to $550 000.

We ask the agent for the asking price and he throws a number less than 400 000 in our face like it's not going to change our lives, what we want and our level of desperation. I actually got dizzy and nauseous. That number is actually doable. Our ducks aren't exactly in a row and we have no fucking clue as to how real estate works but we got very very excited. I'm a hyper gemini, I get excited if there is a sunny day in March but J, he's the true barometer of "is this worth hyperventilating for" excitement. EVEN HE WAS EXCITED.

Since then we've started corralling those messy ducks into some form of a row, we expect to meet the bank this week. Once we know if they are going to laugh at us or show us some honey we will call the real estate agent.

Holy shit.


Melanie said...

Gah! We love going to open houses too but nothing has bitch slapped us yet. Keep us updated!

Jill said...

I hope hope hope this works out and I can drink on your front porch. I promise I will drink something classy and not Colt 45's though! I love Riverdale.

Samantha said...

Wow! That is great! Good luck getting your ducks in a row. As a person who has now owned two homes (not at once mind you) the whole bank/real estate/mortgage thing isn't as scary as some people let on.

Erin said...

Oh Lordy, I'm excited for you! I shall down the class factor and drink the Colt 45's that Jill so quickly turns down. Mmmm malt.

Heather said...

Oh this is so wonderful! I have everything crossed for you!

Did you say central AC? I know you just love summer.

It was the morning nookie that did it, you know.

Jean-Anne said...

Fingers Crossed

maggieBB said...

awesome possum!
that's sound ridiculously wicked. very best wishes gettign those duckies all nice and lined up! :)

Yvette said...

Hey Jen, We just went through the same sort of thing last spring and now are the proud owners of a falling down, quaint old house. The "real estate thing" is a roller coaster ride so hang on. Just try to find honest people to guide you. Good Luck!

Kelly said...

Same thing happened to me. I wasn't actively looking, but I saw a house up for sale on Monday, visited it Wednesday, made an offer Friday night and it was a done deal. Of course, then I completely freaked out and had a mental melt down when I actually took ownership of the thing, but three years later I can say it was worth the emotional turmoil.

Vivienne said...

This is very exciting! I am both very happy for you and deeply envious. The envy can probably be mitigated with beer, though. :)